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4.4 out of 5
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7.5K Ratings

Dveotime ,


Update: Was able to get in successfully and register. You do have to provide bank or credit card info but Im okay with this because of the account I use. Yes, there is a 3.00 fee, however, if this app does what it says i will make that and then some in a little over an hour. They also state the fee is NOT deducted if your account balance is too low, being in IT, I can appreciate the pay it forward business plan. App is very easy to use, beautiful color scheme thats easy on the eyes and doesn't appear to have lagging issues. So far very impressed with how user friendly it is, no guess work here. increased from 1 star to 4, will push to 5 if the app continues to perform as promised over the next 2 months.

I was super excited to try this out, but during verification kept getting a Gateway time out error. Now they have suspended my number "Due to suspicious activity". Kinda Funny, I get put in the corner without ever having the opportunity to do anything bad :(

Will update my review if the issue gets fixed and I get to use the app. However as for now, 1 star because I cant do anything.

RealHousewifeofOK ,


Well, I’m sure this app does what it claims to do and I would love to take a look and see if it’s something I could use. Unfortunately, I feel that forcing customers to add a bank account or credit card for the $36/3 month cost of using the app is sketchy. So, I tried to at least get some feel for the app by reading the help section . The help button only brought up…another help button, which never brought up anything. So the only information I have to go on when trying to weigh the value the app would bring to my life vs the $12/month cost was some promo blurbs from reviews on Vice and a few random success stories. Oh, plus 5 stars.

Despite all that valuable insight-I stilll have no real idea of what this app does or what types of situations it can be used for. I’m not going to use an app that demands my credit or bank info before even letting me see the FAQ list.

I don’t think I’m out of bounds by feeling uncomfortable with that. I think a lot of people would not just blindly pay up for a product that may not even work for their life. Please consider either offering a short free trial or like: 2 day introductory period/$2 option , or, at the very least , make a detailed page about the functionality, common problems it can deal with and an average refund/restitution it wins.

Starmaker07 ,

There finally is some Hope out there!

I am reviewing this site early on because I wanted to let you know that I had seen this inspiring young gentleman who was very smart and had created a site that was so easy and simple to reach out and get some answers finally as consumers I'm sure that that might be the reason that you are visiting the site so I will let you know how it goes they are going to be helping me with a couple of items that I am just so relieved about. The world needs more advocates like this . The APP it's self is very easy to navigate and the chat assistant comes up right away And cheers technical ability to create an easy user friendly place to come and get answers means a lot especially there are no crazy POP UP ADS or anything like that AND they even have information about how to handle all these crazy Robo call is it the government says they're working on It. This is going to be an app that I presume that I probably will be using again throughout the years to come

RoboBoy SF ,

So far, so good!

A couple of the activities are a bit challenging for me to understand the current status of, and how to get them started, for example, the ability to generate a spam-catcher credit card number is great, but the app doesn’t explicitly say that this is an activity I am meant to do while on the phone with the actual spammer, meaning I should not prepare this number ahead of time. That “limitation” is perfectly understandable, and now that I get it, it’s no problem, but I felt frustrated trying to figure out how to get it done right up to the step prior to actually ‘pulling the trigger’ when finally the web-based version of the portal finally said “don’t do this until you’re on the phone” then I calmed down. LOL ... same thing with activating the free trial credit card number, which I still haven’t figured out how to do yet.

amandagipson ,

You can’t remove or delete

I just downloaded the app, to which have not been able to use services. They already charged me $3 the first day I had it (yesterday) I went to remove my credit card information and I’m not able to do so. So then I went on the website- nowhere to do it there either... not good business in my option. No link to contact anyone by phone! I want to delete the app but do not want my bank information stored. This is totally bogus. I saw on the today show that’s why I downloaded it. I will also be emailing and tweeting them about this . Need not suggest to anyone.

I WILL BE CONTACTING ATTORNEY AND MY UNCLE WHO WORKS FOR THE BUREAU!!!!!!! I WANT MY BANK INFO DELETED IMMEDIATELY!!!!!! You are a fraud and need to be sued. I’ve now went through all comments on the app. You have a class action law suit on your hands I hope you are ready. Contact me now- TODAY to delete and remove ALL my information. I did not give permission for the charge I want it refund . I do not give permission for any of my information to be used . All my information is to be deleted and removed from your services. This is punishable by law if you do not do so

Developer Response ,

Hi there - just email us at [email protected] with the phone number on your account and we would be happy to help. We respond to all emails and requests within 24 hours and will do whatever it takes to make it right!

CrabLife711 ,


When I saw this app, I noticed they offered the ability to have documents notarized. I thought that would be of value for the yearly charge for me. When I attempted to use the notary feature, it had me upload my document and then sent me to a THIRD PARTY site to have it done which would have charged me an additional $30 for the notary. I also attempted to use the “dispute a charge” feature for a small charge I paid to an automatic car wash that didn’t function, however all the app does is fills out a dispute form that you have to send to your bank. I can call my bank directly and do that and I don’t have to mail them anything! Finally, I’ve been having an issue with a creditor continuing to contact me every few months in regards to a debt that was included in a bankruptcy discharged five years ago. I thought maybe this app would help me with a “Cease and Desist” letter. No luck. I haven’t tried to the “free trial credit card” yet & think I might give that a shot since I’ve already paid for a year of this useless service, but I don’t have high hopes....

Acurately ,

Awesome app!

This app has saved me from almost everything happening in my life right now! This app has put back my bank fees, help remove some subscriptions in turn helped to get them refunded and also worked out my small claims case I had to file against old landlord for non refund of deposit. With all these extra adds they added the possibility of companies and government doing me wrong are starting to look like little to some. But it feels good to win sometimes when you know you are right. They have worked out glitches from first version and added a lot more features. This is not a fake or made up review I’m dead serious on all I have told you. I would definitely say try it out especially if you are blessed with life problems like I am!

drizzygrb ,

Would be great if actually worked.

I was reluctant to to give this app a try as I was weary of the claims the app claims to be able to assist with. Nonetheless I have given the app a try with an open mind. At first it appeared smooth sailing with the user friendly interface. Set-up got the features are a breeze with the exception of... does it really work? The app times out on me many times and when I began the process of making specific claims I was left at a dead end unable to complete it. A recently added feature was the online health protection and well I verified my number and attempted to file a claim and the app backed out on me several times. Every time it backed out I had to reattempt to verify my number. Now my number appears to be blocked due to suspicious activity. I have attempted to contact customer support but not even sure if that went through. I would really like the opportunity to use this app without all the bugs and errors. I will update my review if anyone gets back to me.

Bob nope ,

Preys on the innocent that it’s suppose to protect

Update: Beware of this company, after I cancelled the extortion subscription, I am getting even more scam calls than before. This company is a retaliatory company. Give up your info and you are screwed when you don’t want to stay and pay the extortion. Someone please help sue this fraud.

You read about how great this app is on news links, so you decide it’s a credible source. But you will get taken for a ride. First the app wants simple phone number, then email, then they push for a credit card. They clearly say you will not be charged unless they get you something. Well, I didn’t not know registering for Do Not Call list as a service. That stuff I can simply do myself and don’t need the app to do this. $3.00 is nothing, but the way it was just stolen from you by something you thought was legit and can trust makes it feel like $1000 stolen. Sent a request to cancel “subscription”. Hope they won’t hold me hostage and I don’t know what to do about these next level scammers.

zhandi798379837983 ,

Scam scam scam scam scam

I downloaded this, gave my bank info to get paid. Only then was I informed by a pop up that they wanted 3 bucks a month. I could not remove the pop up to refuse no matter what I tried. There was no way to cancel or say no. I deleted the program because I could not access any menu because the app won’t let you do anything till you pay. This is probably the worst rip off I have ever seen because you can’t even try to cancel until you pay 3 dollars to remove the pop up. You can’t even get into the app to see what it is all about because the pop up is stuck in front of you. Now they have my bank account info and I couldn’t cancel. There was no mention that you had to pay. Come on Apple obviously you have no idea how this app operates or you wouldn’t have let it on. I did use a non money savings account for the primary but they also have all my capital one info as well. The developer should be shut down immediately for stealing my info and blocking me from any access to cancel.

Developer Response ,

Hi there,

Don't worry. We have issued an update (1.7.3) and fixed all of the issues above. If you are still having problems, please email us at [email protected]

Rest assured that we don't store your bank details and you won't be charged.

Thank you so much

DoNotPay Team

TheTechAppReviewer ,

Money saver!!

So I’ve been using this app for the past couple of months and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. I’ve only used 2 of dnp’s features which is the bank fee refunds and parking ticket disputes, but the fact that it’s worked is what astounds me. I didn’t really expect much from it, just found out about it through a verge article, but pretty great considering I didn’t have to pay anything for it. I already told my parents and friends about this, but I see that some people aren’t having much luck. It worked for me so it may be a bit of a toss up, but if it works for you - consider yourself lucky :)

Hitler_Trumpler ,

Not worth it any more

I liked this app at the beginning. But now it’s just a shell of what it used to be with no customer service at all. Before I once had an issue with virtual card that didn’t work and it got resolved very quickly after I asked for help via their chat system. Recently I decided to start using the app again. The card didn’t work this time while trying to sign up. I sought help but no help arrived. No feedback, nothing. Meanwhile I was charged their subscription fee. I tried changing the virtual card (since it didn’t work) but I couldn’t and I couldn’t change for another month or so. So here I am already charged a subscription fee and no service. I tried the customer service again and again and still no reply. It seems they are only after a quick buck. At this point, I decided not using this app anymore and I disputed the charge in my bank account. Not going to recommend this app to anybody. I wish I could give it 0 stars.

careless_esper ,

Do not pay for DoNotPay!

I tried to use DoNotPay to put an end to the robocalls I've been receiving. DoNotPay said that before I can take action against the robocallers, I need to register for the Do Not Call list, and that they would help me do so. I soon received notice from the app that I was successfully registered for the Do Not Call list, and that I will receive an email—all I have to do is click a link in the email to complete my registration. Well, I never provided DoNotPay with my email address (so how will I get an email?), and there is no way to do so through the app—whenever I attempt to edit my profile, the useless chat bot says that I have to submit a dispute before it will remember my personal details. But I need to be registered with the Do Not Call list to in order to file a dispute. But I can't complete my registration until I get an email. But I can't get an email...

Meanwhile, DoNotPay starts charging me for a service that it is not providing me.

Absolutely terrible.

Norrellita ,


I downloaded this app because I heard on the news that it would be a useful and efficient way to file for unemployment. Well, it wasn’t! In fact, it’s been a nightmare. I filed through their system and had to wait (after multiple emails to them) for over 2 weeks for a confirmation that my claim had been filed. When I finally got the confirmation, they had filed under my full name, but with someone else’s social security number! All of that persons information was right there! I couldn’t believe it! I of course am a person of good character and morals and would never dream of stealing another persons identity, so I quickly cancelled the submission but what about whoever is now privy to my very person identification!!!!??? I’m freaking out!! Not only do I have to try and refile but I need to put in a claim to the social security administration that my identity has been compromised!!! All of this amidst loosing work and struggling to make it post Covid-19 era!

This is a nightmare!

Raheem Rogers ,

Customer service app that lacks good customer service itself!

The Skip Waiting on Hold feature worked once and then never again. I select the company, see the incorrect hold time display, and then wait and wait for the call. When I open the app again, I am taken back to the main home screen with no evidence whatsoever of the call request I entered before.

I tried to submit a help ticket through the app 3 times and each time I got through about half the steps before the messenger froze. This is an app that is supposed to help with customer service concerns and it doesn’t even provide proper customer service/help itself! Fix your glitchy app before you try to mitigate outside issues for customers. If the app is this poorly built, then I only wonder what kind of horrible service you get when you try to use the other dispute features-I wouldn’t trust them based on the experience I’ve had.

ntl8 ,

No way to log into old account, keep being charged for a subscription.

I downloaded the app a few months ago, paid for the subscription service to utilize a certain feature (a landlord-related one, which gave me the local law on canceling a lease, which I could have found myself), then forgot about the app and the $3 monthly charge (I don’t check my account very often).

Ended up deleting the app from my phone, then went to cancel the subscription on my account - and it will offer no way to log into an old account. Re-downloading the app will have you register as a new user, with no option given at all to log into an existent account.

So I can’t cancel this monthly $3 zombie fee thanks to some sketchy app design. I’d have to call my bank and explain an app designer decided to essentially lock users out of accessing their account details and closing a subscription.

Po------ ,

Hoped for better

I got the app for the call back/wait on hold feature in order to deal with the gas company. About two hours after interacting with the app and he app telling me it was dealing with the issue, it notified me that it had failed. It was no substitute for waiting on hold for 2 hours. The next morning I tried again with this app using the dispute approach. The bot asked for all my personal and account information and notified me after all that that it would take 48 hrs before it gave me any update. Not soon enough and I wouldn’t have even started this attempt again if I had known. So I immediately cancelled my subscription. The developer was responsive, deleted my account at my request, and gave me a refund. So, not scammy. This is a great idea for an app and I hope it can be made to work better.

Developer Response ,

Hi there, we're sorry to hear about your less that optimal experience with Skip Waiting on Hold. For any questions or progress updates, contact our help desk at [email protected]

lbghm ,

App price before downloading should show $36- not “free” on the App Store

I am only interested in the “skipped hold times” feature of this app. I downloaded this and I cannot go any further than the first screen without entering actual bank info and agreeing to be charged $36. They don’t take privacy or temporary cards so consumers can protect themselves from being repeatedly charged month after month. I would use it if there was an option for just the skipped hold time feature. I would pay if they had tiers and they accepted privacy card payments. I would need a cheaper or free trial version of the app before I pay for premium. I’d gladly pay every month if it does what it advertises regarding hold times. Companies never call back if you use their call back feature so it would really make my life easier if this app could work out.

Developer Response ,

Hello and thank you for your feedback, we will certainly take it into account! If you have any questions, whether specific to our Skip Waiting On Hold product or otherwise, we're only an email away at [email protected] We hope to hear from you!

eschn29 ,

CAN’T cancel account/subscription and no way to contact them

Relatives saw this app on the TODAY show and I read an article and actually knew the person who was interviewed, so I signed up for the subscription (which needs to be done in order to move forward) but soon found out that the app can’t help my in my state of CA. I went to cancel my subscription and the only way to receive customer support is through a bot and the bot told me “It seems I need more time to help you with your request.” - whatever that means?? I also can’t delete my credit card information. So in the end, I’m stuck with this subscription when I can’t even use it, can’t remove my card info, and can’t contact ANYBODY for support. This is a scam. In a time like this, I’m actually quite frustrated and concerned about my financial safety. This is ridiculous.

NeverEnoughToys ,


I read about the virtual credit card and was excited to try it out since BoA is discontinuing theirs. Unfortunately, you MUST give bank or credit card information to the app. Those are _not_ necessary for the virtual card feature I wanted to check out. This app is requiring the same info that it is purportedly protecting us from having to give out to others for trials.

To the developer: You don’t need financial information until there is a transaction requiring an exchange of funds. Don’t ask for it until then. As an Internet security professional, until it stops requiring my financial info I will avoid this app and will recommend others to avoid it as well. Rule #1 in data privacy: don’t ask for anything you don’t truly need. If I’m only using the virtual card feature then you don’t need my info.

Sheckler1129 ,

Let’s see what she can do!! For now though!

Writing this review with 4 stars because I’m so excited about this app that I willing to give these stars before I explore everything. In the end my rating will change for the better or worse so hopefully the better as I never pay for subscriptions for apps like ever. If it does what it can say it can do and I see results I will give this 5 stars every single day for the entire year or atleast everyday I see something work or help me out in some type of way as I could use all the help I can get. Having the worse luck these past couple months and has nothing to do with Covid.

Developer Response ,

Hi Sheckler1129, thanks for checking out DoNotPay! Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions while exploring the app further!

Tejas Manohar ,

Saved me hundreds

DoNotPay has personally saved me hundreds of dollars so writing this review feels like the smallest way to give back. I’ve been an early user from parking tickets to credit card fees to most recently, their features around automatically filing support tickets for refunds on Uber rides that I shouldn’t be paying full price for (slow drivers, problems with other pickups). The team behind this app releases new features non-stop, and each time, I’m surprised there’s yet a new way to save... and they make it so easy, too. Excited to see what’s next!!

NZHere83 ,

Dont pay for this

Now that i’ve paid for this.. i don’t recommend anyone to use this. The virtual card is mostly a scam. First.. there was no mention of 4 cards limit anywhere prepurchase. Only after you’ve paid, and used up 4.. only then it notifies you that you’re only limited to 4 cards.

Secondly.. the cards doesn’t work at all. I’ve tried it on so many sites.. Showtime, Udemy, skillshare, etc, and you can’t even use the cards to register a trial. They were all rejected. I suspect that where the card does work is only on a couple of sites with a total less than 10? And probably not the popular sites even. Too fed up to keep trying anymore.. they should just put up a notice that say “our cards will only work for these few sites only” can’t believe i paid for this

Developer Response ,

Hi NZHere83, we're sorry to hear that the Free Trial Card did not initially work for the services you were interested in. Please reach out to us at [email protected] We'll do our best to help you with the Free Trial Card and whatever else we can do to make this right.

endocytosis ,

Maybe it works , just not for me.

I had no real issues that I needed resolved when I first downloaded this app. I actually just wanted to see what the hype was about. I read about the traffic ticket thing and other benefits. After downloading I was asked to input payment. Ok what the hell, I'll just try it. So I tried out " find hidden money ". Submitted a ticket for a free birthday gift. 3 weeks later, still processing. Whatever. I tried the trial card 3 , that didn't work either.

In short, the app is extremely deceptive at how it presents information. Also, the subscription service is sketch. There is virtually no way to ask for help other than speaking with a bot. Their business plan: rack up monthly subs until people realize it's a scam then cash out.

jayster1962 ,


Channel 2 News in Houston Texas did an interview with this App. creator without disclosing much information except that they are supposed to prevent Robo Calls.

They left out their physical address, They left out a person of contact, They left out that you must give them your banking information, They even left out that if something seems to good to be true, It usually is not good or true.

Therefore I gave this App. My phone# and was sent to the next step. Where they requested my banking information. At this point I refused this Apps services. It should be inform everyone up front that releasing personal financial information was required. As well as Information to address any complaints or problems that may arise with using their service. No return Phone Number, No Physical Address.

Stinks. ,


Read an article about this great app for robo calls and decided to download and try. Once the app is downloaded the first step is that step is that you must provide your cell phone number. Once that is complete, you then need to provide banking information. Before asking for this information there is no information about the app, what it does for you, or details about monthly costs (though I have read this elsewhere in articles).

Is anyone crazy enough to provide your banking information to an app that you know nothing about, and without verification that it is legit? Not me. This may be a great app, and if so, I highly suggest the company tries a different approach to getting people to sign up.

They have my cell number, but they are not getting access to my bank account.

AllEX2010 ,

Google This Company

It’s honestly surprising that Apple even allows this on the App Store. Do a google search of DoNotPay and see how scummy they are. They seem like the exact type of scammer they claim to be protecting you from... Anyway reading these positive reviews look like they were written by people working for the company. They seem so cheesy and scripted! If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I would stay away folks.

I am currently talking with somebody from Apple about this scummy little app. Hopefully it will be removed soon and they will stop profiting off deceiving people during a global pandemic. I hope everyone who works for this company feels really good about themselves. Pretty sad actually.

We need an app that gets you your money back from “DoNotPay” and sues them with the tap of a button like they advertise! Lol

Developer Response ,

Hi AIIEX2010, we're sorry to hear of your frustrations. If there's anything we can do--be it address specific concerns, discuss feedback, help manage your account, or provide updates on tasks you've submitted--we'd be happy to do so. Email us anytime at [email protected], where our team is standing by to help you out.

c fales ,

Misleading marketing

The app advertises the ability to register for free trials with a fake credit card number so that you aren’t charged at the end of the trial. The first time I tried to install the app it prompted me for a bank account to connect to. Well obviously a no go. So then I get a text message saying the app no longer requires a bank account. I go back and sign up again and this time it prompts me for a credit card number. So a credit card number in order to get a fake credit card #, odd, but ok. Then it prompts for approval to charge $3/month as a “tip” for the service. A “tip” that you can’t opt out of, change the amount of, is charged every month, is a fee. So, pay $3/month to get a fake card # so that you aren’t charged at the end of free trials if you forget to unsubscribe? Nonsense!

Skyfireusa ,

This app feels like a scam itself

I got this app a while back when I read about it on an online blog and it seemed to make sense and I subscribed and then didn’t really use the app very much. But when I did it, it didn’t do anything!All it does when you click on an option is take you to a chat screen where you can chat with no one! Absolutely no feedback or response I mean what the heck is going on why is this still on the App Store. I feel completely ripped off man how many people have paid a few bucks and got nothing and probably didn’t complain because it’s only three dollars but it’s a subscription so I feel stupid that I didn’t cancel this sooner. THERE IS ALSO NO OPTION TO REMOVE YOUR CREDIT CARD OR DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT! I advise to stay away. This anti-scam app is basically a scam 🤦🏻‍♂️

Anthony V. Ardizzone ,

Cannot Remove Payment Option After Cancelling Subscription

So I installed the app and was exploring it. After clicking on the new trial card feature, the app interpreted that as solving a problem that required a subscription and I was charged $3 as a result.

I promptly cancelled my subscription when I discovered this, but my $3 was not returned to me even though the app clearly did not solve any problem that warranted the $3 charge.

In addition, even after cancelling my subscription, there is no way for me to completely remove all payment options in the app. I removed my bank account by adding a credit card, but the card is still on my account.

I like the idea of this application, but the fact that you cannot completely remove all payment methods when not subscribed and the fact that I am still out $3 for basically no reason (looking at a new feature isn’t solving a problem no matter how you slice it) leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me have to leave this review in the hopes of getting the developer’s attention since the chat feature in the app is extremely unreliable.

Again, the idea is nice, but the execution is horrible.

khukanye ,

it worked!?!

Came to this after seeing a segment on the today show regarding the robot call cash claim feature. I got incessant nonstop calls from royal carribean cruise and the UI was pretty intuitive in identifying their details after giving them the fake card. anyways long story short, I was able to settle for $500! absolutely sick app, I had my doubts at first but trust me you got to try the robot one out. I’m not sure how well the other products work but I just submitted a bank fee appeal refund and will see how that goes and update if I get it back

Richarrd10 ,

The Robin Hood of the Internet

Found this out when researching for my law class and my curiosity peaked when I saw that the creator of this app was dubbed “the robinhood of the internet.” Very interesting idea and many of the ideas seem great in theory, but not too sure how it would work out in practice. But apparently many people have been successful in using this app, so I have to say great job in turning an industry that’s not known for much innovation and completely changing that around. AI in law is something that I’m looking forward to in the coming years.

bogo_lode ,

Was silently charged for their subscription

Decided to poke around in the app because I may use it for some stuff down the line.

The app says they don’t charge you until you use something and I didn’t file any claims or attempt to use anything other than tapping around. Received a notification that they charged me and apparently one of my taps turned on the trial card option they offer, which I probably did tap that section but I did not agree to activate the card or to start a subscription.

I’ve canceled the subscription (I think) and will see if it charges again in a month. But if this is the norm for the app, I’m a little disturbed that they didn’t explicitly tell me whatever I tapped would charge me and require me to explicitly ok it with a dialog.

SKpdx ,

Trash Interface

Not sure what all the buzz is with DoNotPay. While I’m sure it does some things, it’s hard to understand what else they have done for me. The biggest hurdle that I have with them is their mobile app. It’s a huge pile of trash. It’s poorly organized, unintuitive, hard to navigate, and appears to not have a back button. If I click on a task to review it, how can I go back to the prior spot that I was on? I have to hit the refresh button to take me back to the Home Screen, which is not how you navigate! With all the glowing reviews, I have to say that DoNoPay probably paid for those reviews. Sorry. Maybe this review will get you to reconsider how you deliver content to people. The app needs a full on redesign.

ldesaus ,

Locked into a useless service

I signed up for what ended up being a year long commitment and there is no way to stop the recurring charge. I have received no benefit from this service as none of the processes I have initiated have yielded any results, and beyond that, I am moving overseas soon where the laws are different. There is no option to talk to a person to cancel and trying to cancel through the bot-chat leads me to having to answer repetitive questions before being told “no”. The more time I spend on the app/site, the scammier it feels, and I wish I had never signed up, especially as there is no way to manage my subscription without being pressured by a bot to stay on (and no indication of how I can auto-shut off my account in the future).

FH-Shad ,

An Ironic Name, If You Aren’t Expecting It

Downloader beware! While the application is far and above handy if you frequently need a card for free trials or have a parking ticket, if you simply downloaded and setup the app out of curiosity, you may find yourselves out of $3.

After establishing a “points” system, they’ve started charging users that they haven’t previously because it seems you’re now “using” their services. I found this out the hard way after not having the application installed for months, only to now have them start charging me.

The removal process seemed simple enough and the agent on the phone when I called to inquire about the billing was understanding.

I wished there was an “introduction” mode to get a feel for the application before you are forced to commit to providing banking details.

I consider the $3 a tip to the developer for the overall cool and handy product, but as somebody who was curious but didn’t have an immediate need, the sudden charge months down the line was sure to shock.

wacowhacko ,

I’m not sure what I’m paying for

Many of the features don’t work and it seems like they type up PDFs for you to do the work yourself which also means getting names, emails , and addresses of data brokers. I see check marks but I don’t know what they mean when there is a zero where it says “complete.” They want you to verify information to prove your identity or that you own the data online but the app doesn’t accept your information to resolve the issue. Why do I need to provide a photo? I changed my phone number and I couldn’t update my account because there aren’t any humans in customer service. I have a new account and I’ve been charged twice for basically nothing. This app isn’t user friendly and it has a bunch of glitches.

Beary Panda ,

Would not recommend to anyone

Their whole setup is a lie. When you input payment info, they tell you that you can easily remove/change this info in your profile, which is not the case. They say they won’t charge you the $3 until you have successfully completed an action. This is also not the case, they will charge you pretty much the next day regardless of your usage or success.

I get that businesses need to make money to run and any other day I would gladly pay the $3 for some of the services they provide if they could actually follow through. But don’t be sneaky and force people into your subscription model when you’re not upfront about this charge anywhere. And on top of contradicting what your own introduction says!

V. Vicentic ,

V. Vicentic

I am giving highest recomendation for this program. First time i used it worked like a dream. Second time i encountered an issue, not sure why. What i know is that their tech support is working with me to fix it. We are not there yet, however their eforts to solve my problem and dedication of their agent is good enough for me. I trust this people, their aproach should work in most of situations, now may not be perfect, but $36 a year can get you further than you can imagine. It is about average hourly rate of a lawyer, i advise to give them a shot

Developer Response ,

Hi V. Vicentic, thank you for your review! We're happy to hear of your experience with the app and that you're taking advantage of our stellar support team. If you have additional feedback or if there's ever anything else that comes up, don't hesitate to get in touch again!

Jones (SEC fan) ,

Terrible!!! Do not download!!!

Terrible!!! Do not download, you will be charged! I downloaded the app and the first thing it had me do is link my bank account (big mistake!). As soon as I did that, a message popped up saying I’ll be charged $3/month -there was yes or no option to accept or decline this charge. I immediately tried removing my bank account information -it didn’t give me the option to remove it! I attempted to go through the customer service prompts on the app (no phone number or actual human available to help) multiple times requesting to cancel my subscription, and have been charged again this month for this money trap of an app that has not been helpful to me in any way! Save yourself the trouble and go another route.

Ify101 ,

Robinhood GME lawsuit

I’m using this app to join the class action lawsuit against Robin Hood because of their GME market manipulation. I saw a couple negative reviews on this app and typically I would take that into account but because of the fact that this is an app that allows people to join class action lawsuits so easily and is therefore not an app that most corporations like.... it could be that those negative reviews were faked. Honestly I don’t know, the app seems good so far so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and see how it pans out long term.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for your review! If you have any questions or feedback regarding any of the products you use, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

Ag3891 ,

5 stars is just for attention

Look, I’ll be direct and to the point. It’s a scam. Or at the very best, horrible at transparency. If you look at the reviews, there’s a bunch of 1 stars with concerns all saying the same thing. The 5 star reviews are hardly saying anything, or say “I’m giving it 5 stars even though I just downloaded it and haven’t tried it”. They also have painfully obvious fake account names, and some of them don’t even have complete sentences which is lazy for an app trying to up its ratings.

CFerr ,

Don’t sign up unless you want to pay

I saw this company on the Today show and wanted to look into them. It prompted me to enter in my bank account info first thing, which I reluctantly did. I really just wanted to take a look at what all they offered, not start paying $3 a month for a subscription service! They charged me $3 that day and I didn’t even use them for anything. This company may be legitimate, but they require a link to your bank account and will start charging you immediately, whether or not you use their services. And, I have tried to contact their customer service and it’s basically impossible. There’s no number to call, just an automated chat that says “I need more time with your request.” I’m annoyed.

Aplz1126 ,

What an awesome and useful app

I have only been using this app for a few months now and it has already saved me at least $100. I would highly recommend this. I am a person who loves free trials and I usually set a reminder and canceling the free trial sometimes gets forgotten. With this app you don’t even need to set a reminder! The creator is very responsive and quick to provide support. Be aware of the $3 per month cost. With how much you save it is paid for by the savings first free trial!

tehnasstsauce ,


First and foremost, you must provide back account information before the app lets you access any features. This information is used to charge you $3 a month for their services (which may be of benefit to some people). It gives you a prompt saying that it’s easy to cancel from inside the app, but it is not. There is no “cancel services” button like there was in previous buttons. In the terms and conditions there’s a notice that you must email them to cancel your subscription to their account (ironic considering it’s a service that uses AI to cancel other subscription services for you). I have email the appropriate contact and have yet to get a response confirming my cancellation of their $3 subscription.

MonikaL ,

Scam! Claims to be free but isn’t

I signed up to check out the hype. I didn’t use the app at all - just downloaded it - and it signed me up for a subscription without my permission and took money out of my bank account. Because it is an ACH transaction and not a debit, you can’t dispute it online. There’s no way to cancel the subscription either. I had to spend almost an hour on the phone with my bank getting this stopped and refunded. They’re answering various complaints on here with a message saying they’ve fixed the issue but this is also a lie since it happened to me just this morning. Anyone else want to join a class action about fraud from this app that is supposed to help you avoid unapproved charges?

SuttonLori ,

Great customer service!

My experience with DoNotPay customer support was great! I had signed up for two accounts – one under my email and one under my phone # - I had thought I was getting scammed at first. Turns out it was my fault! Customer support was super swift and gave me a refund for the double charge. DoNotPay is still a work in progress, but many of the products work beautifully and I’m looking forward to their future improvements/additions to the app.

Developer Response ,

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. If you'd ever like to give us additional feedback, you can always reach us at [email protected]

whoeore ,


They claim that if you want to close the account and remove your backing account number you simply email them and they’ll get back to you as fast as possible, WELL I’ve been emailing them all day and yesterday!!! THEY STILL HAVENT GOTTEN BACK TO ME. Very shady absolutely do not recommend this app. Seems like they’re trying to scam you out of your money and they did not even help me get my money back I had to do it through an alternative source. Most of the information they give you, you can just look up yourself, seriously don’t give these people your money. Until I get an email back for there supposed “24-hour” costumer service this gets 1 star but I would want to put one just awful.

Oregon Adam Cove ,

DO NOT TRY Should Be The Name

Ok so full disclosure I attempted to contact several times before writing this review. I’m a little angry but I will try to just provide facts.

Attempted to use the virtual card several times. I followed all instructions to the letter. It did not work one time. I attempted to use other functions such as government paperwork, landlord protection and Robo Revenge. None worked properly. I attempted to contact customer service multiple times over multiple months with not one reply...Attempted many times to get the recurring charges to stop (yes I followed all of the requirements) again no response, so I am now forced to call my card company to get a new card.

Very dissatisfied and borderline fraudulent.

seanagretch ,

Do not download!

The app says it only starts your $3 subscription after successfully using one of their services. Not true! I clicked an option to learn more/read about it after I downloaded the app without pursuing it further and it automatically charged me $3 & started my monthly subscription. It is not obvious how to cancel (for a site that prides itself in saving you money & makes it “easy” to cancel excessive fees!!!). Don’t let them take advantage of you. The high reviews on here are misleading. Dig deeper on the internet & you will actually see many people are disappointed with this service and feel taken advantage of. Probably will change my card info because of this app.

ogjeezy ,


I don’t usually make reviews, but felt I had to after saving 130 dollars through this app. I’m currently going through some difficult times so saving every penny counts a lot to me. The fact that I was able to save 130 dollars means that I could now get an extra 2 weeks worth of food, so I very much appreciate it. Paying the parking ticket and the bank fee would’ve been so much, but thank god that there’s apps like this out there

technicaljunkie ,

Stay away from this app

I saw this app advertised quite a bit recently because of the robocall fines of $3,000 and wanted to see what it was about. I looked around the app and was prompted for subscription of $3.00. They state they won’t charge unless they can recover money for you. I connected my bank account. They said you can easily cancel your subscription within the app. After looking around I decided it wasn’t for me and canceled the subscription and since I hadn’t used anything I figured it would be easy. Instead, this app charges the $3.00 and gives me a month on my subscription which is NOT what I requested. There is also no way to disconnect my bank account from this app. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!

Troutluver ,

Scammy and poor service

UPDATE: Apparently getting your payment method removed involves emailing them your request with your phone number... there is no way to just remove it yourself in the app. Frustrating.

Was charged even though I have never used any of the services or met any of the supposed reasons for being charged. Cannot find a way in the app to address or dispute this and there is no option to remove my bank account. It seems all I could do was cancel the subscription, which I did, but I would like some reasoning or explanation for why I was charged or a refund if no explanation can be given. I would also like to be able to disconnect my bank account.

Caralyn Porcalyn ,

App Store Should Say DoNotPay App is $2.99

Not an angry user. Just updated for other people interested in this app.

I am rating 1 star because it should say $2.99 for purchase at the app store, not free. It is misleading, and if you change the app store price you will have a lot less upset app users.

I Was interested in signing up for them to call unemployment. The app charged $3 after I pressed for them to call unemployment while I was just pushing buttons on the app to explore, no issue whatever it’s $3. (which they did say you would get charged after initiating a service, so there’s no fault there.)

I Haven’t tried the services for real yet, so will update if it’s actually legit when I try tomorrow, but I am rating 1 star because it should say $2.99 for purchase at the app store, not free. $3 to potentially get ahold of Unemployment is worth it, just update the app store to say $2.99 for the app and you will receive a lot less negative reviews.

Also most other reviews say it’s hard to delete. Haven’t tried yet so I don’t know how that works yet.

nycscammed ,


There is no customer service to speak of. I disputed a parking ticket through them. Days pass with no response. In the meantime the 30 day parking ticket deadline has come and gone. Finally a “see your results” link that is empty. I look up my parking ticket online and nothing has been resolved. I have no idea what is going on and can not find a contact number. I finally find a 415 number on my credit card statement but the number leads to no one. It clicks and it’s dead. I finally find their email address but all I get is an auto generated reply. Now all I can do is dispute their charge ( they made me pay for an annual subscription under false pretense of service undelivered) TOTAL SCAM!!!!!!!!!!

Developer Response ,

Please email me at [email protected] so that I can investigate this for you.

alohala ,

Full on predatory app

First gave number to sign up. That’s pretty common so not a big concern. Used a google voice number. They want your bank info before exploring the app. Nope. Not going do that. Now they are bombarding me with texts. I’m blocking the different numbers texts come from like whack a mole.

No transparency. I trusted the Today Show for their stupid segment on this app. The segment host praised the developers Have the nerve to call them Robin Hood. But I should have read reviews before downloading. Their are a lot of bogus reviews and bot reviews out there. But you read and make up your mind. Had I read the reviews first, there’s no way I would’ve downloaded the app. Too many suspicious & concerning stories.

brianant ,

SCAM App with a Paywall

If I could give this app a rating of ZERO stars... I would. Why? Their only support channel has been absolutely useless in addressing the issue of this $36 paywall. Don’t waste your time downloading this SCAM app!

I’m very disappointed with the DoNotPay app. Ironically, the DoNotPay app, sets up a $36 paywall by default, to have you enter your bank account info or credit card info, in order to access the app and it’s full functionality. You can’t even manage your account settings or delete your account without hitting a Paywall. It’s a Paywall SCAM designed to take $36 from your bank account or charge your credit card. DO NOT enter any of your bank account or credit card info!

Developer Response ,

Hi there. We're sorry to hear about your less that satisfactory experience with DoNotPay. Please email us at [email protected] We'll do everything we can to resolve any outstanding issues you may have.

Hollywood0723 ,

Sounds Better Than It Is

First, they will change you $36 just to get started ($3 a month, but they make you sign up for a year). I tried the robocalls part of the app, followed all their directions and they said they were sending a letter for compensation. Nothing was done. I have spent 2 months sending them spam emails for compensation, but haven’t received anything. The only positive thing is it appears to have blocked those email for me. But I could have saved $36 and done that myself! Do not pay, should be called Do No Trust With Anything Important. If you want actual compensation for these issues, take care of it yourself. The app just isn’t capable

just scam dont download ,

This app is just as scummy as the big corporations they go after

To start using their products you must enter your credit card. There is NO WAY to remove your credit card information after submitting it. And unless you start using a product successfully, there is no subscription to cancel either. So in the meantime, this app company now has my credit card information on file but (hopefully) to remain unused. If course, the app only shares these details After you enter a credit card. Sounds like a scam to me! The FAQ section says inactive accounts for more than 90 days are automatically removed but in the meantime, I’m canceling my card due to this.

Developer Response ,

Please just email us [email protected] and we would be happy to look into this for you, including handling your request

RGTU2020 ,

It looks like scam, it function like scam IT IS A SCAM

This app is basically a scam, I have no idea how Apple allowed this app to be in the store. The company is based in the UK, the rules might be different there but in the US you need to be able to see the app functional before entering any payment.

The first screen is simply a payment screen you can’t do or see anything in the app until you enter CC/bank account. And they don’t say anything about monthly subscription either.

They just raised $12M Series A fund, I’ll give it 1-2 years before this company goes to trial by angry customers. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. I have multiple software companies have seen this type of startups

ana911ana ,

Great idea - bad execution

Using the app is confusing and complicated. A lot of steps in the funnel for performing such actions as deleting your data that companies hold and even being enrolled in auto-protect are not well thought through and those actions are hard to perform. You need a good product manager, who will make navigation easy and intuitive!

Just having 30 pages with different help options is frustrating.

Also, add a BACK button on every page, for the love of god!

Developer Response ,

Hi, we'd love to hear more about your experience with the app or with our web portal,! Please feel free to email us at [email protected] We're always appreciative to have feedback from our users.

sewhoaa ,

Attempting to delete account

I downloaded this app after seeing a review on the Today. After reviewing their offerings, I decided I didn’t need their services at this time. They still charged my debit card $3.00. I’ve attempted on multiple tries to contact customer service to revoke privileges to my debit card and to delete my account. I emailed, used that the chat feature within the app, and no response. It shouldn’t be this difficult to change ones mind and cancel service. If $3.00 shows up on my card next month, I’m convinced it’s a scam and I wouldn’t recommend signing up. Any site that doesn’t provide a REAL line of communication is one to have caution.

Swim Mom 810 ,


Tried this after seeing it on the Today show. Provided my bank account and looked at the app. I read the policy that says they don’t charge you unless you use the application. Well apparently downloading it is considered using it because I get charged. I sent an email asking why I am getting charged and I would like a refund since I didn’t receive a service. I waited weeks with NO response. I finally canceled the app so I wouldn’t get charged again for just having a useless app. I also tried to delete my bank information but apparently that is impossible as well. The old saying “if it seems to good to be true it must be!” Rings true here!!

parrot77777777 ,

Unauthorized Charge on my bank by this app!!!

I am not happy with this service or the way this app works! My daughter installed this app and somehow I got charged a $3 fee instantly, even though they specifically said I would get charged only if I use their services! I never used any of their services nor set up a profile with my personal info. but they surely CHARGED my bank account without my authorization! This looks like a bad service! I am giving a negative review based on my experience of one day!! If you don’t disconnect my bank account immediately and issue me a credit, I will have to report you to the BBB and Apple to remove this app that works like a scam!!!

xbish0px ,


I downloaded the app with high hopes after hearing about the ‘promises’ it provided. After downloading, it asked for my bank acct or credit card info, skeptical at first I decided to try it anyways only to be met with a page telling me they would charge me $3/month. That wasn’t even the most ridiculous part, there is NO OPTION TO DECLINE!! No Decline button, no Back button, no X button, nothing. I tried closing the app in the task manager, but when I reopened it the page was still there waiting with my credit card information saved. How ironic that an app claiming to prevent you from getting scammed, turns out to be one big scam!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!

Tay k. ,


This app is a scam. I downloaded it at the beginning of the COVID outbreak because I was applying for unemployment but was not receiving it. After seeing a report on the local news about how this app has helped people get their unemployment money, I said “what is there to lose?” Apparently my money! They didn’t help me get my unemployment money. When you sign up you have to link a credit card or bank account so I did just that. I then noticed a $3 charge being taken out of my account. I did not agree to this but I’m assuming it’s somewhere in their terms of services. So not only did they not help me but they started stealing my money! Don’t use this, it’s a scam!

$crooge6 ,


DoNotPay App Stole $3 from me after claiming no charges will be made to my personal bank account. Their representative, Miguel Soria, promised a refund several times via customer support email - that never came. Miguel Soria claimed I would get my money back in 5-10 business days; been over 40 business days as of today. Read similar reviews: This app just provides form letters anyone can download online from their local county courthouse at no charge. This app charges $3 a month through debit for no legit services. I had to pay my own bank $5 to change my bank account info from Miguel and his band of thieves. BBB has been contacted.


AGSutherland ,


DO NOT download this app.

Yes, there is a warning about a $3 charge monthly for this service (as long as you use their services successfully first)

I’m here to tell you that even BEFORE officially signing up and agreeing to their ‘Terms & Conditions’... my credit card was charged.

On the screen AFTER you input your credit card is when you first find out about a $3 fee monthly, in which you must ‘Acknowledge/I Understand’ their terms and conditions at the bottom.

Well, I DID NOT click on that ‘I Understand’ button. I immediately shut off the app and that same page will pull up every time I load the app.

Well... I open my credit card account, and there is a $1.50 PENDING charge from this company. WITHOUT even agreeing to any terms and conditions. I have deleted this app... this company should be ASHAMED of themselves. Whether this charge comes off my account or not, I DID NOT authorize you to charge my card. At all. This is unlawful folks. Of the countless ways to take money...

M. Johns ,

It’s a scam

Watch out, once you entered your bank or card info you won’t be able to delete them or delete your account. I heard about this app and I wanted to check it out but I never used any service then I deleted the app as I was not apple to delete my account. Later I figured they are charging my bank account. There is no way to speak to customer service. I sent messages asking to delete my account and refund me! The only response I got was one line stating that they will cancel my subscription. What the heck?! I did not subscribe in the first place!!! I am really concern this scam app having my info! I am still trying with them.

MG-chan ,

Poor UI

I installed this app because I was interested in using its “Online Health Protection” service. However, within the first hour of using the app it has blocked my phone number (which is used to sign into the app) due to “unusual activity”. There’s a problem with this app’s UI: there’s a back button (“<“) that floats above the menu button on the top left corner of the screen. So you have to be extra precise when selecting the menu button, or else you end up hitting the back button and have to log in all over again. Which happened to me multiple times, and I presume is the “unusual activity” that has blocked my phone number.

Typical Asian girl ,

This app works !

I definitely had some doubts about apps like this but I tested it out and it worked wonders for me. I was able to get over $200 dollars back in a couple days. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also make made my life so much easier. No long phone calls and waiting for emails to be replied . This app does the hard work for you. Will recommend to my friends and family.

Hunt4868 ,

Ironic Name

Ironic name for an app that appears to deploy the most deceptive subscription model i've ever seen. This app circumvents Apple’s inherent design for allowing customers to manage their subscriptions by collecting your credit card, obscuring your auto-enrollment into a subscription, and then requiring you to chat with a bot to cancel your subscription. Additionally, I see absolutely no way I can actually unlink my credit card from the account (even through the existing support channels). If this company is actually trying to be transparent as they claim, then why not simply allow customers to manage their own subscription the same way every other app does? 🤔

Jramir95 ,

Best under rated software of our generation

There’s a fine line between what you would call “God’s work” & what these developers are doing every single day with this app. I can’t begin to fathom the countless hours, dollars, & the amount of stress these people are saving the little guy giving the average person a leg up when corporations have put a choke hold on fairness & customer service. Long live DoNotPay.

dougm9099 ,

SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! DoNotDownLoadThisApp!!

I heard about this app on NBC NEWS, and how DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder was helping people filling out unemployment forms due to the Covid-19 outbreak and back log of online forms on his app for Free. HE IS NOT!! The first thing that happens when you link your bank account is get charged $3 even though his app states that you will not be charged until you actually start using the app for other products. SCAM!!!! Once you fill in all your info there will be no way to cancel it. He will have all your info, there is no way to call, or contact them to cancel. TOTAL SCAM!!! Use at your own risk. I’m sorry that I ever trusted NBC News and downloaded this SCAM!

hhesser ,

Can’t log on to the app or the website.

The website tells me that my bank is successfully logged in, but then tells me to try again later, and that it wasn’t successful. Whatever... then I try to set up the app, and I enter my number and it tells me wrong token number or something. So I was excited To try this app, but now can care less.

Developer Response ,

Hi hhesser, we're sorry to hear about the trouble you had signing up. If you're still experiencing this problem, contact us at [email protected] We'll look into this issue with you and see what we can do to make sure you can access DoNotPay!

JDSeesIt ,

UX needs work

When the app is first downloaded the user is presented with a text field asking for a phone number. This would be fantastic use of account authentication, if the user has not already signed up for the service on a desktop. Do not assume your customers only use one or the other.

You should allow all users to log in and utilize your service regardless of what device they signed ip with, or what information they used to sign ip. If you offer multiple sign in and sign up options, all should he presented on each platform.

Mr.Inggo ,

A Borderline Scam App, How is this in the AppStore???

They’ll charge you $3... then $36, without any clear warning or explanation as to why. Don’t bother trying to dispute it, it’s a ACH bank draft that you unwittingly authorize during sign-up. The financial bleed continues until you actively put a stop to it.

Anything they recoup for you, they will eagerly ‘clawback’ from you, in a matter of time... that seems to be the point of this: they claim money for you... then slowly leech the money from the claimant.

Don’t be penny-wise 🤡and pound-foolish. Save yourself the headache... Or at the very least do not use your primary checking account for this, if you elect to get ‘roped-in.’

LuLu T . ,


I downloaded this app after seeing it on the today show . I never do that , so shame on me . In a moment of weakness or fatigue I registered and it asked for my credit card information even though it claimed it was a “free service” . There is no way to alter your payment method and no contact phone number or email address to get them to stop charging your credit card for their so called service . They never did resolve the issue I had , and didn’t give details why they couldn’t . I highly doubt they did anything other than take $3 out of my account the past 6 months . Congrats scam artists !

Seattleitefan ,

Cannot figure out how to cancel

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to disconnect my bank account from this app, and it keeps charging me. I have emailed the support email as advertised to cancel, but have not gotten a response. I tweeted the company—ditto. Finally received an email response, seconds after I threatened to involve the BBB. This app is actually otherwise pretty great. They got me out of a parking ticket so it was worth the first $3 but wow—they make it pretty hard to unsubscribe. I shouldn’t have to threaten them, and the whole situation is pretty ironic considering one of the services they offer is helping you get out of unwanted subscriptions. 🤨

chanducrr ,

No way to remove Bank account and delete account

Heard about this in a podcast and excited to download the app. But to my surprise the app it self seems to be so much like the other troublemaking companies founder was claiming to be fighting against. Several red flags

1. No way they show $3 fees start from the time you start using the app. I read that app charges only when I use a service and get refund back in that service. But outright they took away $3 from my bank account without using any service

2. There is no way to delete bank account how can I trust this company to keep my data safe. I want to delete my bank account details from this app before deleting the app

3. What is the option to delete the account from the app?

4. There is no way to reach out to customer care or help personnel. It’s just one automated app w which keeps collecting money? Without any help?

A Seattle Stoner ,

An Essential for EVERY Consumer!

I have had the DoNotPay app for a couple of months and have already found so many reasons to keep it on my phone. I came for the Free Trial Card but stayed for the convenient capability of resolving any customer service issues I have as well as skipping waiting on hold. The services provided are worth well more than the $3 subscription fee!

PowerMan572 ,


I saw this app on Twitter as a recommendation. All I wanted to do was check it out. I gave them my credit card, and when I clicked on a button in the app (free trial card) my real credit card got charged! I am filing a chargeback with my credit card company.

Unsubscribing from the subscription is not easy. You have to chat with a robot and they try to get you to keep your subscription no matter how you answer. I eventually got it cancelled, but I am never falling for an app like this again!

They are simply using trickery to get people to click buttons and have their credit card charged. STAY AWAY!!!

Ludenn ,

Shady Billing Practice

I’ve used DoNotPay for sometime and generally have Been impressed with the offering (automated subscription cancellations, data removal, terms of service summary).

However recently they have appeared to change their pricing structure to require an additional annual fee of $36 in addition to $3 monthly. Currently the app shows I’m paid in full, but will not allow submitting work without an additional $36 charge.

I’m not seeing value at $72 annually, and it’s not clear within the terms of service or the website of the fees. The practice of charging a $3 monthly fee without providing access to service ($36 fee) is shady.

Developer Response ,

Hi Ludenn, it appears you're experiencing issues with the website or app. Please contact us at [email protected] so we may make sure this is fixed as soon as possible.

Lola477 ,

A joke! Beware of switch and bait!!

Update!!! Just checked my husbands account and they charged him $25!! Are you joking?! This is a complete fraud!!!

I wish I had read the reviews. I didn’t authorize them to take my money. I haven’t even used the app and they’ve charged me $3. I will be contacting my back to dispute this. This is a joke. Sham on y’all switch and bait. With no where to contact you to have info removed. This is a huge issue. You stated on the Today show you didn’t store info. That’s clearly a lie!! I want someone to contact me since there’s no way to contact you people. I want my money back immediately.

Developer Response ,

Hi there - just email us at [email protected] with the phone number you signed up with and we will make it right

OutOfTheOffice ,

There’s NO delete CC

Saw this app on the Today show, heard how helpful it would be with the unemployment process issues going on right now. Beware... it can not help in Texas! And you have no option to remove your credit card. I sent an email (immediately after seeing they could not help me) to the support email address that they offer, and got NO reply. I used the customer service bot and apparently, when asking the bot to help you remove or delete you cc will freeze the bot.

I want to remove my cc! Delete my account. Sure, I can remove the app, but my cc is still attached!

fomy123 ,

Great app, very helpful!

It’s not often I review an app, but this app is very helpful. The feature where they call companies for you is amazing. I needed to talk to DoorDash and I did it through the app. It called them on their end and when it connected to a person, I got the phone call. It was very combiner and for this feature alone makes this app worth it.


Routing number by bank

As my major bank in Youngstown Ohio is not available on the list of banks it would be nice if we could add a routing number and checking account number to bypass the outstanding search request for a particular bank.

I am going to write this as five stars as I think it is a fantastic idea in financial performance even if unusable to me at this time.

Developer Response ,

Thanks so much! We're shooting to broaden the functionality of our bank appeal service so as to be able to handle these cases, but until then we appreciate your support!

FD204 ,

Do not download!!

This app is a absolute scam! At first it was kinda helpful but then I tried canceling the subscription, it’s $3 a month. I didn’t even know I was charged. When I tried canceling it took me though a automated message system. Asked me 10+ questions before it would attempt to let me cancel. App ran just fine but as soon as I tried to cancel it got super buggy and kept freezing. I think it canceled? It still has all my info showing so I don’t feel like it actually canceled. I ended up just suspending my bank card just Incase it decided to randomly charge me for a unknown amount.

Developer Response ,

Hi there, I’m sorry to hear about your poor experience. Please email [email protected] and we would be happy to clarify or make it right.

Aleman1322 ,

Bank account required to even sign up!

I would love to provide a more comprehensive review, but the very first thing this app requires you to do is connect a bank account - BEFORE they even allow you to see what the app even does! No way I’m linking a bank account before I can see what I’m doing.

I see the Developer responding to reviews that the bank connection is secure, but that’s not the point. You’re asking me for bank access before you’ve provided me any value whatsoever; I have no context for or confidence in how my info is used. You don’t even give a tour first! That’s not a good trade. Hard pass.

YoShade ,

Horrible app

I was foolish enough to get this app, I would not recommend this app in any necessary need if you are a child and reading this they would only take your money (from your parents), from my experience. They will ask for your credit card / bank account, you’re not able to remove any personal information i’ve contacted them to remove my credit/bank info so I thought/believed, so I proceeded to deleted the app and i’ve got an email saying they’ve removed it as so they DID NOT i’m still being payed I would to receive a response why.

Themanalcspone ,

If you think this app is a scam, please read.

So I’ve never heard of this app until I was listening to a well known podcast called This Week in Startups. If you would like, go to the podcast app and look it up. It’s episode 1007. The only thing I suggest for the app is that there is a tutorial on how to use it and explain all the features in the app. Thanks.

ecarlos14 ,

Tired of complicated jargon

This app makes everything incredibly easy to understand and simple to use. From a very straightforward interface to step by step solutions to your problems, I’m in awe of what technology has been able to achieve in recent times. Will definitely use it when I run into legal issues.

breality211 ,

App is a scam, pretends to help you then errors out

This app is a scam, they take money from you after making it seem your adding the card so you can get help to dispute charges on it.

It’s fake, a scam, once in the app you cannot delete banking information they just were allowed to steal from Apple since this app is still on the App Store.

Furthermore they steal more personal identity information that allows developer to sell your identity to dark web or third party to make even more money.

App has a robot that makes you think your on your way to getting

Egan help then at th end it never completes or does anything, endless loop of nonsense to steal your info.

Now I have to report them to my state consumer protection, BBB, Apple store, credit card company and Law enforcement...

Do not install this app and fall for the trap, they also stole money out of my credit account!

Apple has some explaining to do!

😊Express ,

Do Not Pay Is My Hero

I have been trying to cancel a subscription for the past couple of months. I have emailed them a few times without success. Finally I googled “How can I cancel this subscription”? It v responded that I should download the Do Not Pay app.

I followed the directions and within 48 hours my subscription will be cancelled! Thank you 😊

Developer Response ,

Wow! We're happy to hear that we were able to help you with this issue. Thanks for the stellar review!

themadstroker ,

Stay away from DoNotPay...

12 minutes ago

This company uses bad business practices…

This company uses the type of bad business practices that it is telling consumers that it will stop for them.

I was charged $3 without acknowledging that I was accepting a paid account. I entered an issue but no action was taken.

I was charged $3 in November and promptly objected by email as their policy requires, I asked for a refund, and I requested they cancel my account.

Now three months later they continue to charge me.

They have no customer service, and no way to seek a refund. They don’t respond to emails.

Isn't that why they exist? To help us not get ripped off - and they are ripping us off?

I strongly discourage anyone from using this ghost of a company. They will rip you off with no accountability. There is no one home.

$3 is only $3 and maybe that’s why they think they can get away with it.

Bad on them...

Diaskeaus ,

Very little information about security

Within a minute this app asked for my user ID and password for my bank account (as well as my phone number, the three things they would need to log in to my account). When I inquired about the security of “storing passwords” it claimed it does not store passwords and uses the service of some company called “Plaid”. I’m not saying don’t trust them but wow, I near jumped out of my seat.

Call me naive but that’s incredibly naive to think this information is secure. Until they provide more information about their security, take care please.

SynThirteen ,

Takes my money for nothing

I was excited to use this and pay the small three dollar fee at first so I could stop Robo callers and get paid for them.I’ve been charged 3$ every month now and I still can’t figure out how to use the service. Apparently you have to build evidence against a Robo caller which is difficult to do when it’s just a robot that is calling you. I also I’m getting unsolicited text messages and there’s nothing on this app that helps prevent them from happening either. This was a waste of time for me and money.

Developer Response ,

Hi SynThirteen. If you've got any questions regarding the Roborevenge product or any other one, for that matter--we'd be happy to answer them at [email protected] We watch our inbox closely and guarantee a prompt response within 24 hours. We've also just recently extended the functionality to cover robo-texts! Hope to hear from you.

emarie888 ,

Taking my money after cancelling

Several months ago I cancelled a subscription to this app. However, they are still taking money out of my account. I emailed their support department yesterday only to find that they deducted an additional $3 today. The “support” consists of a buggy in-app that is completely useless. Additionally, there is no way to disconnect my account from inside the app. The website is equally impossible to use to manage my account. I am filing a report with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau because they are stealing from me at this point.

Developer Response ,

Hi there - just email [email protected] with the phone number on your account and we will make it right.

Meh42oo ,

OMG. Don’t do it.

I wanted to quickly stop a subscription, and the company I was dealing with hand buried the unsubscribe page. This app came up on a search for it, and looked promising. I downloaded the app, and began signing. Up until they started asking for bank account info. So I stopped before any of that info was given. Just a phone number and name. Now I am getting unsolicited texts messages from these people trying to get me to continue signing up. Worth your time to just unsubscribe from whats bugging you rather than fight with these people. AVOID.

fwoom ,

Bank Account Info?

The first thing the app does is ask for a mobile number. I didn’t want to share it, but I decided to try it. Then it immediately asks for a bank account, ostensibly to “check for fees, cancel free trials,” and so forth. I don’t need any of that and don’t want to provide this data.

There is no further explanation of why they’re asking for this data and no ability to try the app out or explore it further without sharing the data.

Dude, at least work me up to it. Gain my trust. Instead, I think I’ll just remove the app.

Sharmajijarasharumkuro ,

Works for me

I saw several negative reviews here about people not wanting to connect their bank? I thought that was totally valid but decided to do my own research and found that Plaid is actually used by even Venmo and Robinhood. I don’t think this is a scam at all. In fact, having a lot of fun having GoT on Netflix with the free trial card.

nyannyanguru ,

subscriptions no more~

So I had a bunch of subscriptions I didn’t even realize I was paying for and wasn’t even using… thank you to dnp for getting a majority of them cancelled and allowing me to keep the ones I actually used lol. I literally haven’t gone to the gym for 7 months but I was still paying for it

kspvolo ,

I love using this app!

Honestly, this app has done wonders for me. From deleting my subscriptions, to giving me money back from Uber, to appealing my parking tickets - I really wouldn’t know how much money I’d lose without this app! I never really tip apps, but honestly you guys deserve the world for helping people who don’t have the resources to! Thank you!

Keep private info private ,

Not User Friendly

First, I don’t give out my bank information to anyone, and, even if I did, the app doesn’t support my bank. Second, I do not have a credit card that I can use with this app, not that I would give that out either. Regardless of the terms or policies I do not feel right about giving up private financial information to multiple third parties that the app does not need to work. There has to be a better alternative out there that not only works, but does not ask for that information.

tylermags ,

Everybody eats

We all saving money!! I’m incredibly happy about this app because it was able to help my friend with her legal issues with her landlord. Glad to say it’s free and people who don’t have money or the power to buy a lawyer can use it. Thank you so much dnp! We were able to get back 1500 dollars without spending a single cent!

Sruhzhao ,

saving money is my past time now lol

Sometimes I just come on this app to see what I could save. I like the way they list out “find hidden money.” It’s like those times you find like 20 bucks in your pocket you forgot you had and you thank past you for the money LOL would use again 10/10

NotEvenEvan ,

Complete Scam, Do Not Download!

This app seemed like a very good service at first, and so when it prompted me to input my debit card details to get paid, I happily did so. What they DON’T tell you is that they expect you to pay $3.00 a month for their crappy subscription service with absolutely NO way to unsubscribe. I’ve tried contacting both the support team and even the developer personally, both to no avail. They will take your money and you will never see it again. Absolute sham of a service, do yourself a favor and do not get this app.

kailuakowboy ,

Scammy app

Starts charging $3 per month after the “trial period”. I don’t know how good the service is because I found it difficult to use. Also, they don’t have a clear description on their credit card charging so it was unclear what the charge was coming from, then cancelling the program was also difficult. In my opinion, the app is set up to hook you into a subscription and lock you into paying $3/ month for something you don’t use much. Maybe it works for others, but it was not worth it to me.

Ally401 ,

$36 Fee

The only reason I’m writing this review is because I feel like I was misled. I created this account because I wanted to fight a transaction on my account and throughout the entire “creating an account” process, there was no part that informed me there was a $36 fee. If you are going to provide services please be upfront about fees and cost and don’t mislead people. I close my account the same day and I was still charge $36. I would like a refund because I did not use your services and failure to inform potential clients of your fees. Thank you.

Developer Response ,

Hi Ally401, please email us at [email protected] citing this review. We'll be happy to help out however we can.

Aimeeng7 ,

Do Not Use!

Do not use!! The Today show did a segment on them yesterday morning...I should’ve done my own research first. I signed up and the first thing they asked for is your bank account or a credit card. It states that they will not charge you the monthly fee until you use your service. I decided to cancel ten minutes after signing up. My bank was charged $3 right away, even though I have not use their service. I emailed them to cancel and asked for a refund. Have not heard back yet. Do not recommend!!

Tingiethegreat ,

love it!

AI has really been taking over every single industry from e-commerce to now the legal industry?! This is pretty astounding tbh because this tech can go incredibly far and can give people who don’t have the money or the resources to fight back! It has a pretty good understanding of laws, but I think it can get much better. Love the idea tho!

letsgotomars89052 ,


Don’t do it. I read an article on Wired about this app and it seemed cool. The credit card feature seemed good, but it wasn’t working and kept giving me the error message to check back on the day I was signing up. Sketchy. Then I thought I would try out their “Birthday Gift” feature and they came back with some lame JCPenney percent off coupon that you can find on any coupon site. And then they had the audacity to charge me a 3 dollar “tip” for their hard work. Seriously, this app is a scam and so not worth your time or money.

Developer Response ,

Hi there,

We are deeply sorry for the poor experience. Please email [email protected] and we will issue a full refund. Also, on the note of the card, are you sure you were trying to use the card itself (and not redeem points)? In any case, please email us (mentioning this review), as we would love to make this right.

Dolph896771 ,

Make sure to cancel your account or you will keep paying

I decided to try this app out close to a year ago. Never really did anything with it and I realize I’d been paying them $3 per month since.

Obviously this is on me for not noticing, but there were no communications, notifications or correspondence during this year. Just small, nondescript charges on my cc.

If you download and don’t use make sure you actually cancel your account and send an email asking them to delete your data.

Developer Response ,

Hi there - have you already had the chance to speak to our support team? If not, please email us at [email protected] We'll do our utmost to make sure we help you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Blockah ,

App Was Helpful But Impossible to Cancel Upgraded Sub

I really liked this app and was cool to avoid trial subscription fees. Ironically however, after I upgraded and signed up for $3 a month for unlimited free trial cards - I’ve asked that they cancel my paid membership I think 3 times starting in March and I keep seeing $3 from DoNotPay on my bank statement. I’ve used the chat feature and tried finding other ways to contact them however nothing’s been done. I hope they see my review and decide to finally contact me

Ainsgg ,

Did not work

I was under the assumption the app would not charge you until you utilized their services. Wrong. I was charged and I hadn’t even started a claim. I used this to assist in filing for unemployment and the automated process was convenient at first, but in the middle of answering questions it stoped responding. The claim wasn’t filed. Then when I went to cancel the subscription, it took several tries trough the automated chat to actually get confirmation of it being cancelled.

Really didn’t help one bit. Took my $3 and I’m back to square one.

Hank Yablonski ,

Are you guys crazy?!!

Why on God's green earth would I give you my banking information, complete with my password, allowing you total access to my accounts without evern being allowed to either try some of the services or even check the app out?!! Nowhere is that even mentioned as a prerequisite for using the app!! Something is very odd here. Even the 5 star reviews seem sketchy. Oh, I also found out that they automatically deduct $3 from your account without even telling you their fees upfront! Hard pass!

Developer Response ,

Regarding the concerns you raised: we ask that our users connect their bank accounts so that we can send them the money we save by doing things such as appealing bank fees. Like Venmo, Coinbase, and American Express, we use Plaid to securely connect users' bank accounts to the app. Apologies for the misunderstanding! Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have more feedback for us!

Mr. Ichiban ,

Works (but $3 per month fee not an Apple subscription)

Do Not Pay worked for me and recovered $30 in bad inflight WiFi fees. However, a $3 fee is charged monthly and it’s not an Apple subscription. That means you have to get them to cancel. It can’t be managed like other Apple subscriptions. I thought this was a violation of the App Store policies? I finally figured out how to cancel from within the app, but it’s certainly not prominently displayed as an option.

Purpleststarowl ,


After downloading this free app, I was informed it would charge me $3 only after receiving legal help. The app was not able to help me with my unemployment claim so I unsubscribed and deleted the app. Since then I have been charged 3 times from this app. I contacted them to explain the problem and ask for help. They never responded. I am not able to contact customer service and had to file claims through my bank. This is a breach of contract on multiple accounts including merchantability and warranty. Now I need an app to help me sue this app.

ironyisbliss ,

Ironic app name considering it made me pay.

Read some of the reviews here and decided to check it out. Make sure you know that even opening this app once, you’re agreeing to pay $3 right off the bat. Before even knowing what the app can do. I got double charged and had to deal with support. I think it’s a conniving way to make a quick buck. Also the find free products feature is nothing more than an spammer to your inbox. This app is making me reconsider installing anything from the App Store from now on.

Scottf589 ,

Can not stop the charges!

I downloaded the app to see if it is what I could use and found it is not what I needed and I deleted it. I started noticing that I was getting charge of $3 on my bank statement and I did NOT authorize them to do so. I do not not know how they got my bank information as I did not give it to them. I tried to cancel this with the app and I can not find a way to stop it. I ended up contacting the bank to get them to stop it. I would be very careful what you download from the App Store that claim to be free.

Lemmonade ,

Woah, actually works!

I used this app to threaten legal action against a popular ridesharing service for larceny, and (granted, I had a good case) they settled outside of court for the value of the items that were stolen from me.

The UI and services are great too. I’ve used the free trial spoofer for streaming, and that works as advertised.

Great app, worth the $3 a month.

Know Wonder ,

Wants sensitive bank info w/o explanation

I understand they want to be able to send my money back to me, based on the developer’s responses to many of the other negative reviews. The problem is that there’s no copy to read or legal agreement to even virtually sign to spell out any of the details about what all the app is supposed to do and why they would need such sensitive info. Not in the app, not even on the App Store. Although I’m very intrigued, I’ll keep an eye on this app for the future. For now I’m going to have to give up.

eclipze_x ,

Does not work with carrier settings

Due to my settings in T Mobile I am not able to receive text messages from 3rd party companies / apps. This makes it impossible to verify my phone number. If they had an email or phone call verification method instead of a text message then I would be able to make an account, but until they add that verification feature app is 1 stars since it’s basically useless and won’t work without verifying your phone number.

AnneSoWhat ,

Will try again in a few days!!

I would love to check out this app. As like many, I saw Joshua’s segment on The Today Show this morning and I’m sure that the reason there are issues with everyone being blocked is because of the overwhelming number of people who want to check out the app. Although, if I am required to give my bank account information in order to look into the app more I will not continue to pursue using this app until that has changed!!

braden_live ,

Uses dark patterns to make it hard to unsubscribe

I downloaded the app, used one service partially but never went through with it. I later deleted the app. Two months later they are still charging me per month. There is no menu to manage your subscription on the web version or a way to see your card information that they have. You have to chat with a bot to cancel. Extremely disingenuous considering this is the exact thing they say they’re solving.

This game player not that one ,

Not worth it

This app may be useful for a couple of things (I haven’t found them), but for the most part it is garbage. The support is only a robot and it never gets your issue right. It will take 3 weeks to get back to you just to ask for some additional detail that didn’t come through on a scan. The sketchiest thing is that you can’t remove your credit card from the app. I don’t recommend.

NotAmusedtothe3rdpower ,


This app did absolutely nothing. I mean did not even make contact or verify anything was being done and yet, charged me. Also, asks you to sign up immediately by requesting bank/card information without outlining how they intend to assist you. Once you enter your acct details, the app only gives you the option to accept the subscription, there is no way to decline or return to the previous page. There are no account or confirmation numbers provided. This is a total scam.

Brucesdawg ,


First off this is not free. Second, once you’re in, you can not get out!! There is no way to cancel your subscription! Third, if you submit an issue, it goes nowhere. It says “We’re working on it”, but in actuality it’s going nowhere. Also, you do not get any emails or progress on your submitted issue. The only reason I tried this app is because one of the local news media’s recommended it. I have emailed and now have my fingers crossed they will cancel my subscription! 🤬 Save yourself the headache DO NOT USE!

MichelleonBeach ,

Scammers - They Steal From You

Stay far away from this app. They do not file anything on your behalf but require you to add a checking account or debit card. Once they have that they will charge you $3 multiple times until you put a stop payment or dispute. This app should be banned from this store.

Just git off phone with my bank. These mfers logged into my checking, got a hold of my debit card and charged that too. I now have to close that account and open another one.

Reporting to itunes.

Levon Amirkhan ,

App Title Says It All - DO NOT PAY!

I signed up and setup the app with the info it requested and when it got to the $3.00 fee it implies that you don’t pay until you actually get to use the service. Come to find out, I got charged that same day. I reached out for support requesting a refund, since I didn’t use the service and wasn’t expecting to be charged, but I have yet to receive any response.

The in-app support is a bot that asks you static questions and you only get to leave a message for someone by the end of that conversation, which go unanswered.

It’s been a little close to a month now and still no response. No email from anybody to update me, and no refund. Someone should create an app to handle disputes with this company, hopefully with a better response time.

The app title says it all, do not pay!

kiwimazz ,

I have a very difficult very mixed up legal issue with a lot of agencies

But just the fact they took the time to listen and consider without looking at my name and what I’m labeled as to protect please from me hiring attorney to sue them I gave them thumbs up for even reading and trying to help

DishMyBlack ,

Love Love Loveee

I absolutely 100% love this app. In fact how can I pay for this? I've HATED free trials because of how they get you to sign up and you forget, BUT this card is amazing. You don't even have to worry about getting charged because the free trial card doesnt even connect to your bank account.

carob83 ,

The Today Show

Just saw this on The Today Show this morning. It sounded great. Savannah Guthrie even downloaded it while Jacob Ward the NBC News Technology Correspondent was talking about it. He called it The Robin Hood of the Internet; a true altruist. He stated there is a _subscription fee_ for a few *expanded services*, so I’m wondering if all the negative reviews on here are referring to that? It’d be nice if the developer would respond to negative reviews to clear things up. Even with all the negative reviews I’m still curious.

This-is-junk-no-don't-bother ,

Zero Support if you want your bank back !’

NOTE TO ALL - If you give bank account info, you WILL have to close that account to EVER stop paying $3 as long as you live!!!! These ripoff scumbags will never let you leave.

This is Hotel California- you can check in, give them access to your bank account, BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE...!! They won’t take their automatic withdrawal from your bank money away. Can’t get your life back in the app. No clear way to contact support - they don’t want give back access to your bank.

Finally googled enough to find others who figured out their email, sent email asking them to disconnect my bank. Their employee Miguel wrote back, said he would. He did nothing. Then stopped replying.

Go change your bank login! Crap app then disappears from you phone.


Ngpetersen3 ,

You do have to pay

While the app is titled do not pay, you will be charged. After you sign up, after you give them your bank info, after your all set up, Then they tell you they will charge $3 per month once you have used their services. While this isn’t a bad amount for the services, It’s very misleading to make your fee structure the absolute last thing you mention. Also does not any fees in App Store.

IronyCat ,

Kind of a scam itself ironically

They kind of trick you into getting into a subscription. I clicked on an article thinking I was going to learn more about their service, but it counted as a “service” and started to auto sub me. Whatever I thought I will give it a try.

None of the cards work. The birthday deals are really bad. The service also goes through a chat Bot which is laughingly pathetic. I’m smart enough for menus...

I’m going to explore more to see if it’s worth raising this review score, but I’m not wowed so far.


A service worked for a free trial.


App won’t let you look for at an old trial card and the UX is absolute garbage to navigate through the app. The fact that you can create a fake email in app only and not on the website makes this service a 0 Star if possible.

JDAnm101010 ,

Forcing to commit for a year

If you expect them to work directly with the authority to review your parking citation, this will not work with a 3$ monthly subscription. They first charge you 3$, take all the information and finally you are asked to commit for a year if you want them to directly work on your behalf. Otherwise you get a simple letter that you can download and you need to work directly with the authorities. Instead, You can draft a letter yourself without wasting 3$ for the subscription.

pizzajona ,

Robinhood Investors: DO NOT GET

Many of you are fellow Robinhood investors that are trying to join the class action lawsuit about Robinhood stopping you from buying shares in high volatility companies. DO NOT JOIN. Class action lawsuits usually pay out very little per victim and are not even guaranteed to win or even get standing. This is not worth the $36 per year that you must pay to subscribe to the app when you sign up with your bank or credit card!

BellaDaBrawl ,

Not helpful

I was under the impression it would help me file for unemployment. IF YOU LIVE IN NC THIS APP DOES NOT APPLY. You can not file for unemployment. I was charged $3 by the app and I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription and they are “having trouble” processing my request. There is no “cancel subscription” option you can select. You have to go through customer service. Maybe this app is helpful for other things but I feel scammed. And $3 may not be a lot but when I’m trying to file for UNEMPLOYMENT it matters.

apkop09 ,

Seems like a scam

Tried it out, and just keeps messaging me the same thing over and over. Getting nowhere. When you first sign up, you have to agree to giving your bank details or cc number, and a $3/mo “tip”. But don’t worry it says, you can easily cancel it in the app. Wrong! I can’t find anywhere to cancel. I can’t remove my bank account. Don’t download it!!

If the app developer would like to explain some of these things to me, then I’ll consider changing my rating.

StevePod ,

Didn’t work for me. Was a waste of time, but they quickly refunded my fee when I contacted them.

I tried the free trial sign up feature on this app. After wasting time on it, it never worked for the sites that I tried to use it with.

They quickly refunded the $3 fee when I emailed them about wanting a refund.

Developer Response ,

Hi Steve,

Please email [email protected] and we will make this right. In addition, we have released an update (1.7.3) to fix the above issues. We are deeply sorry for the poor experience.

Thank you so much

DoNotPay Team

Sky-pilot ,

App not actually free as claimed

After you provide your financial coordinates, you discover that you authorize a $3.00 per month charge. If you then try to cancel, the app says you are not actually subscribed or charged until the first time you use an app service. Yet your account still exists, and cannot be removed or closed.

If you make a mistake in picking the account to be linked, too bad! You cannot change it.

Be careful!

Developer Response ,

Hi there, If you'd like to remove or close an account, we're more than willing to do so! We can also change the account that you choose to connect to DoNotPay :) Don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

eyisus ,

Pretty scammy

This app just wants your personal information and bank data so they can instantly withdraw $3.00 I went forward with it thinking it would help me cancel a subscription but then it didn’t. It was asking me for more money to move forward, to which I replied “no”. Deleted my account with them and still don’t see my 3$ being refunded :/

Developer Response ,

Hi eyisus, please email us ([email protected]). We'll work with you to make sure this issue is resolved!

Mark's Zuck ,

This company is a joke

They claim to help you with the customer service issues. But they actually don’t have their own customer service to reach out. I started using the app and subscribed for it and they charged $3. It was saying you can unsubscribe anytime. And after a month they didn’t solve my issue and I unsubscribed. But they charged me 36$. Now I’ve been trying to reach them to learn the reason but it’s impossible. Why don’t you have any phone number or email?

Developer Response ,

Hi there. You can get in touch with our help desk at [email protected] Our support team will get back to you within 24 hours and they'll do all they can to resolve any issues you may be having.

Azra'el ,

Scam, beware

This app and company are bogus. I’m not sure if it’s a front to aggregate user data, but it is set up in a very sinister way. They ask to link your bank account to even use the app, and if you read their TOS, they can then initiate ACH transfers at any time, for any reason, to take your money. None of the claimed features work, either. Their support email and Twitter are unresponsive. So many red flags. I ended up changing my bank account # since they won’t let you unlink it via the app. Truly grotesque.

Mnmluver ,

This is so terrible

They said supposedly I wouldn’t get charged if my bank account was low. Well I didn’t have any funds. I was on over draft and they still charged me 3 dollars which brought me into more over draft! There’s no way to cancel your subscription. There’s no way to unlink your bank account. This is seriously so messed up! With this whole covid-19 I’m struggling with my finances and yet these people have my bank info where they can take money whenever they like!! DO NOT GET THIS APP! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!

Arevat Kocharyan ,

Do Not Use This App!!! Unauthorized charge by DoNoPay

I installed this App and 1st thing it asks is a credit card or bank info. I had to put two different debit cards and credit card info because it was repeating that the card info is not correct. Eventually I was able to register the credit card info and finalize the app set up. I have’t use any services App is offering, but after an hour my two cards where charged same time.

Very disappointed and unhappy.

Silicon Valley Employee ,

Bait and switch?

Why do they require you to connect your bank before you can even determine if the app will fit your particular issue? I can only imagine they need the acct info up front for some kind of nefarious reason. You can tell me all about how secure you are, but you haven't earned my trust yet. If you can show me first how you'll save me money, then I may decide to add my bank acct details. But asking for it upfront is suspect.

jnkolson ,

Needs better “My Disputes Section”

I signed up for this app for two main reasons, the “skip waiting on hold” feature and the traffic disputes.

It took a couple times for Skip Waiting on Hold to work but it did it’s job.

With the traffic dispute I simply wanted to pay the traffic ticket. The setup was very easy. However, the app said it would notify me of the status in 48 hours. It’s now been over a week, still no update and the “My Disputes” section only has a card that says “Traffic Dispute.” It gives me NO information on the status and whether or not it was successful.

I’m afraid now I’ll have to go the traditional route and risk paying twice.

Please developers make the “My disputes” section more useful and user friendly.

Otherwise would be 5 stars

Developer Response ,

Great feedback and good to know about your success with skip waiting on hold. In relation to the multiple attempts, it could have possibly been that the hold tome for the company was long (something out of our control). We will improve the dispute section. Please contact us at [email protected] if you ever want to touch base and receive a response.

khoi0207 ,

10/10 would recommend

I have only using this app for a couple of days. But I could guarantee you that you will have a good experience with it. I use this application for transfer bank and I would say it is really amazing.

davidjettt ,

Love the idea

Really revolutionary idea! The fact that there’s so many life saving and money saving ideas all in 1 app is pretty crazy. I’ve only tried the bank fee appeal with Chase, but hopefully the other features work just as well! Thanks for helping me save 25 dollars

Vunnie Gang or Die ,

Simple to use!

The best part I like about this app is that it has a very simple and clean interface. Very colorful and straightforward! I like how everything is upfront and nothing is confusing to use. Even my mom was able to navigate through it!

Pittware ,

This app is amazing

I wish I had know about this app earlier. Instead of spending 44 minutes on hold with Entergy, I was about to spend that time being productive and then the app contacted me with the call center agent as soon as they were on the line.

vikram1247 ,


The app took my banking information. While I I initially thought I would be able to delete my account to stop payments from occurring, I was wrong. They have claimed to delete my account while still deducting payment for a job I never received. The app deceived me into believing I would have the “worlds 1st robot attorney” instead I was given an automated generated message for a grand total of $53. If only I could afford to have someone real on my side in these times.

Alden Guy ,

Worse than useless

I tried to dispute a traffic ticket using DoNotPay. I was convinced that the traffic attendant had actually lied about my case. Unfortunately, all I got from DoNotPay was a PDF. I couldn’t tell whether they sent anything in to dispute the ticket or not. It was unclear and provided false hope which was the worst thing. At the end the day I’m out $110 for the ticket and $33 in monthly billing to DoNotPay which I just noticed is hitting my credit card monthly. Frankly, I’d like my money back.

Developer Response ,

Please email us at [email protected] and we will make this right for you.

mp21rg ,

Complete Scam!!! Do not use this app

This app is a complete scam. They charge you secretively. It’s impossible to cancel. I had to report them to discover card and cancel my account to get them to stop billing my card. This app is a bunch of sneaky thieves. They sneak charges on your card and require a card at sign up. I tried to cancel numerous time and they refused. They said by using their fake cards I agreed to be charged. They sneak charges in and force a reach ring charge that you don’t see. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR USE THIS APP. ITS A COMPLETE SCAM.

kyttie ,

Charges right off the bat

They charged me for a subscription I did not agree to. Their customer service is non existent, which makes it horrible. There is no phone number to contact them with, so I filed a customer service dispute through them, to them. The app doesn’t let me read the dispute message.

The app also doesn’t let me disconnect my bank card.

I am disputing the charges and trying to find a way to delete everything from this app.

IphoneUser973 ,

Wrong title of the App

It should be “Pay First”.

I downloaded the app and registered thinking this is a legit app. Legit means they ask for credit card to make sure that the user is legit. So I gave those info but as soon as I signed up I was hit with $3.00 charge on my card. I tried to cancel it as soon as I realized but there was no way to cancel so finally saw the cancel button after few days and cancelled the subscription right away.

So be aware before signing up.

Jachryl ,

Great idea terrible follow through

I signed up with the hopes of trapping a robocall company. Unfortunately this app didn’t help. The app asks for pictures of phone calls as evidence in the demand letter. Problem is it only adds the last one posted. Another issue is the app keeps forgetting my information and fills some else’s address, it’s done that twice now. I’ve reported every issue and never heard anything back. I plan on cancelling when my month is over.

LadyAbigail1122 ,

Absolutely not

When you sign up you’re told you will not be charged until you use a service. When I went to use a service I was told I needed to pay for a yearly subscription, I obviously backed out. I ‘canceled’ my subscription which shouldn’t have even been activated in the first place. They still charged me. You can’t remove your card and you can’t deactivate your account on your own. Talking to customer service now. Unacceptable.

Developer Response ,

Hi LadyAbigail1122, I hope we were able to address everything for you. Thank you for getting in touch with us - if there's anything else we can do, don't hesitate to reach out again!

BigDriver70 ,

Chat feature

I had to go back to Step one a few times. I would answer the questions. Then wait and wait but nothing else. Finally got to the Hooray stage. Not sure what information was saved after returning to Step one several times

purplekitten1114 ,

Stay away

This app tricks you into signing up with credit or debit card to try it, which I did assuming I could immediately remove it. However, you can’t remove it. There is no customer service, you will get an error message if you use the in app messenger. The other features don’t seem to work either, like the fake card number to sign up for free trials. Now I have to wait on hold with my card service to get this garbage taken off.

JonDoh21 ,

Great app!

Beautiful UI and easy to use (with some practice). Other than using it for things I really need (subscription cancelations, chargebacks, spam removal) – I really enjoy using the app during my free time (free bday gifts in the form of coupons, sex offender searches, and more!) Great app!

mrbonuscup ,

took my money and failedto give me a temp cc

I signed up today and linked my CC. When I tried to get my free trial card, the process fails and I was still charged $3. Although it says they won’t take the money until you use the service. I’m giving it 2 stars because customer service got back to me quickly although the offered no resolution. My fingers are crossed that I actually get the refund.

puffington16 ,


Since I got the app, I have successfully:

- gotten a refund for my 2 flights that we were unable to make due to COVID-19.

- disputed a CC charge after answering a few questions

- created a small claims court demand letter that got me another airline refund

Honestly, there’s some clunkiness to the app(leaving the app in mid conversation will sometimes revert to the main page losing progress, no way to clear the disputes both ongoing and completed, etc.). However, the good 1000% outweighs the bad. What an awesome app, definitely worth the $3/mo charge!

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much. We love hearing these stories

Nicdriz ,

If it looks a fish and smells like a fish

This site is completely a waste of time and not trustworthy. I’ve been waiting for weeks for cases to be resolved and nothing. By then , I’m fed I want to cancel . And you can’t. You can delete by they still have your bank information which I don’t like. When I went to report a bug. It seems like purposely when you try to submit the issue , a screen pops up that says something went wrong.

sairooo ,

This app does not deliver as promised

I paid 36 usd on the app for a 3 month service and filed a claim with Spirit Airlines as I was one of the people whose flights got canceled last August. To my surprise they told me it worked and to expect a refund from

Spirit within 7 days, but nothing was refunded on my card. This is just another scam, I believed some 5 star reviews thinking it actually did work. Do not be fooled! Now I have to dispute the in app charge with apple since this app does not deliver as promised.

SkipVW ,

Takes my money and delivers nothing

The claim sounds to good to be true, and it is. I signed up for this, entered probably more information than I should have and it’s been deducting funds from my account every month and added nothing. I can’t believe that I was foolish enough to let thus continue as it claimed to be pursuing my interests however it depleted the account and I got hit with overdraft fees! Now I can’t even get the app to connect! Help!

JayScarlet ,


Concept is cool, but I used it without paying online, and it was super buggy even when I tried out multiple features. Chat bots didn't respond immediately, and if you do subscribe, there isn't any trial to test it out. A marketing sham. You basically have to commit fully if you want to try it out and that's paying about $36/year for an app that doesn't even respond or comply accordingly. UI is clean though, but UX? Needs some help.

Failure to Communicate ,


- Temp card. Fake credit card feature works at most 1 out 3 times

- Chat bot is useless. It doesn’t correct any issues and replies with useless answers, like, “Something went wrong...”

- Frozen. Freezes often (I have newest iPhone and Mac, all software current + high speed connections)

- Resolution. Has not resolved any issues, despite claims

- Profile. Cannot update profile. Chat bot says you must enter a dispute to update profile. (Have entered 16 disputes.)

@adamzboss ,

New documents

I’ve been looking for an app like this for awhile. Just got started and I hope there are more features in the works. I really needed legal docs drafted but didn’t know where to start. Thanks

SooLuu1 ,

Ironic to say the least

For an app that claims to help individuals cancel subscriptions, they sure make it difficult to cancel their own. Just to cancel, these guys make it such a difficult process. It’s to the point of seeing them just drag on the chat logs and emails even further so you’ll lose your mind and let them keep charging you the $3 dollars. I really don’t see how this app is getting featured on the news, radio, etc for how much of a scam it is.

DrDaddy69 ,

Recurring charges no matter what you do

Even if you cancel your subscription, the app will start it back automatically if you so much as click around the app. Very duplicitous. You cannot remove your linked account without adding another payment method. Got charged twice even though I cancelled subscription. Stay away unless you want to be billed $3/month non-stop for a “free” service. Emailed CS and have heard nothing yet. Had to dispute charge with my bank.

Charging Bare ,


This is an absolute scam. I’ve been paying for it every month without using it. then when I try to use it they try to make me pay for an entire year even though I’ve already been paying all year long. The money I’ve been paying into it for the past year should count towards the thing that I need to use it for right now. This app is a scam the pretends to help you with other scams absolute garbage don’t do it.

Developer Response ,

Hi there, please contact us at [email protected] We'll take care of this immediately.

CBanks97 ,

Difficult to Cancel

App will automatically start charging your credit card $3/mo even if you have not used their “services”. App also is a bit glitchy.

Difficult to Cancel - can not cancel or remove credit card from app. Website does not help either. Had to call number linked to credit card and I guess they have not canceled my account.

Until this fix this, I consider this app to be another scam.

apacrytgon ,

Trial card doesn’t work

Only thing I got it for was to try the trial card however that feature is not working whatsoever. Keeps saying it failed and to try again later(a month after I got it and had the same problem)

Might try the inflight Wi_Fi dispute next time I fly and see if I can use the robo revenge but main purpose for trying this has been a bust

asaptim ,

App is not free. Do not download it

I downloaded app because I heard that it helps to fight robocalls. But on the first screen it’s asking you to link your bank account or credit card (NEVER do it with unfamiliar apps). I don’t want to link any before see functionality of the app. But it’s not possible

Then I started reading reviews and turns on that app is not free. It’s taking 3 USD from your account every month. On a screen with linking bank no word about it

wowatigerlook ,

Second the “Misleading Marketing” review

I downloaded the app and was charged before using it. When I tired to use it, it didn’t work. Customer support said they fixed the error but offered me a refund which I accepted. Refund never came through, then I was charged again a month later and still had not used the app. I finally was refunded for the second charge but never the first. Oh well, if it seems too good to be true...

crazyhawaiian40 ,

Forces you to link credit card before using app

I downloaded this app because of good reviews online.

However after you download the app the first thing it asks you to do is link either a bank account, credit card, or Apple Pay account. When I clicked credit card, it says the fee is to be determined.

And reading other reviews it says it is really diffuse cancel monthly fees charged by this company.

drehf ,


When I signed up, there was no mention of a subscription fee. Turns out they’ve been taking money from my account every month.

Also, I think this might be against the Apple App Store rules? You can’t sell digital subscription products without using apple’s in app purchase mechanism? Something shady happening here by ACHing it out of my account, flies under the radar of not just Apple rules but also credit card protection.

BetGamer ,

Cold feet

Seem most of the bad reviews are simply because they ask for personal information right after your first question, your phone number.

Atumusic ,

Cancelling my acct

I’ve canceled my account as the last few times I tried to use the app it would give me error messages and not load. Then after deleting and reinstalling it opened only to ask me to upgrade to an annual subscription.

I was already having the subscription deducted monthly from my bank, but the app never functioned when I wanted to use it.

Might be worthwhile if it worked.

dnpvu ,

Extremely dissatisfied!!!

I have not received pertinent help to the simplest request. I cannot get DoNotPay to stop charging my credit card the monthly $3.00 and cancel my account. Every messsge I send is returned by a robot not capable of understanding a request to cancel and stop charging me $3.00 a month. I’m so annoyed with this company that I cannot even get a cancellation confirmation. Don’t waste your money. Three dollars a month for nothing could be feeding a hungry baby!!!

B3hr057 ,


Ironic, this app is supposed to prevent you from getting swindled and they swindled me. Against my wishes I was charged the $3, and I received no benefit monetary or otherwise from this app. I deleted it before even having it 12 hours and tried to change my bank info but was still charged. Many reviews are from people who got swindled by this ap. Don’t make the mistake of downloading it or giving it any of your information.

hatetaxseasonbahhumbug ,

!! You CAN’T delete your bank/ card info !!

I just downloaded the Do Not Pay app. I think people should be aware that I cannot delete my credit card info and that these services are NOT FREE. It's a 3.00$ a month fee stated as a "donation". I was in contact with a customer service rep until I asked how to delete my account and card number. They went "ghost". Now it’s being disputed but there’s no way to delete my credit card info.

SEC55 ,

Lost my information

Just started using this app and my first experience was not a good one.

I was entering information to have it cancel a subscription and had to switch to another app to get more info. When I switched back to DoNotPay, it refreshed and lost all the information I had just entered, including a complicated, secure password that it made me enter manually because it would not accept a paste. Very frustrating.

Frustraed in Florida ,

Doesn’t work and no contact info

Saw this app on the morning news. Downloaded and then it tried to verify phone number. Kept failing and then blocked me for too many attempts.. lol. These folks have a few things to learn about apps. And making their contact info available for support. Now I have given my phone number to someone I don’t know, can’t verify and can’t contact? Caveat Emptor! Could they be perpetuating a scam on the public??

David_98745 ,

Second page of sign-up demands bank login info!

I was very excited about this app after reading about it on Wired. Especially the part about it helping you to sign up without giving a credit card, for 30 day trials, with companies that demand them for a trial.

So imagine the irony that on the second page of sign up, this app demands, without any explanation, your bank user name and password. Are you freaking kidding me?!

Developer Response ,

Hey there! We have our users connect their bank accounts so we can send them the money we're able to save by appealing their bank fees.

Dritch155 ,


This app charged me $36 for what I have no idea seeing as the only I had ever used it for was to sign up for a trial with Netflix. Theres no way to get in touch with customer service and emailing them yields no response. I ended up having to got through my bank and report them for fraud. Will never use again. They also will not allow me to remove my bank information from their app. This is fraud.

lensart ,

Do not pay NOT!

Welcome to DoNotPay. To get started, enter your phone number. Now enter your credit card number or bank account information. You’ve now seen the entirety of the sign up process. After all most signing up for this application, and giving my phone number to them, I went from no advertising or robot calls to several a week. Should the conclusion be that they sold my number?

serickjr ,

Will wait to try...

With all of the reviews of being blocked and locked out, obviously the server is overwhelmed from everyone wanting to try it after seeing it on TV. I got it downloaded but will wait to sign up until the influx dies down so I don’t get blocked! I will update my review then... it seems like a great idea!!

Wolfyldy ,

Charged for nothing

I downloaded the app because I saw it on Today Show and thought it might come in handy. It says it starts charging once you file a dispute. Never asked it to do anything but it has taken out $3 from my bank every month since I got the app. If the app owners get money for nothing from possibly millions of unsuspecting people every month, then we will all need an app to dispute them!

idkthatguythatisreviewingthis ,

Not so Transparent

They say it’s easy to cancel. They say you won’t get charged until the services are used. They actually do not let you cancel your subscription until they charge you. And they charge you before you use the services? I was unable to cancel my account and charged the $3 before they did anything for me? Only after being charged was I able to cancel my subscription.

klipp2 ,

Unfair and Not Transparent-Scam

Once you sign up you are unable to unlink your bank account. Fees are charged with no rhyme or reason. I was charged for the “subscription” months after deleting the app. Tried reaching out to the developer and received no response. Do not install this app or provide banking information. If you do provide banking information then close your bank so that they do not have access to your funds.

JosephB. ,

Ironically Borderline Fraudulent App

Avoid at all cost!!! DoNotPay markets itself to help cancel shady businesses from charging you money. Yet, they trick you into paying a 1 year subscription upfront before being able to do anything. Even after being charged a monthly subscription!

It’s impossible to get a hold of a human (obviously) and you can’t remove your bank details if you want to cancel/delete your account.

Developer Response ,

Hi JosephB., Please email us at [email protected]! We're constantly standing by to help with any trouble you may be experiencing and reply within 24 hours. We'll do everything we can to resolve your issues. We look forward to hearing from you!

thefireinyourflies ,

wow bait and switch!! what a scam, avoid!

all the other reviews are also totally right!

so i downloaded this app, happily started sign up, got to a step about adding credit card to start monitoring for savings (sure... ok) but paused and left signup. within a few mins got a text from the service “encouraging” me to finish signup. like, what?

so eventually get around to adding a credit card, and thankfully it was ONLY a credit card and not my bank information because they immediately switch the service to a $3 per month model and you must agree to proceed and complete the sign up. hah, yeah right.

well deleting this app ASAP, they better delete my info, and you better avoid!!!

Developer Response ,

Hi there, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected] with any specific requests. We'd be happy to help however we can!

Chicken sandwiches ,


I downloaded the app hoping that it would be helpful in listing all my active subscriptions, after setting it up, I found it to be unhelpful. I was surprised later to find that it charged me 3$ for its use, despite the fact that it is only supposed to charge you if you use it. Basically, I found it to be unhelpful and it actually ended up siphoning extra money from me rather than helping.

Mdk641 ,

Complete fraud

I downloaded the app because it was recommended on the news to help file unemployment. The app forces you to “contribute” $3 (even though it says it’s free)when the issue submitted is completed. They charged me and never completed the issue. They do not file for unemployment for you and there is no way to remove your card information from the app. I can’t even find a way to delete my account.

kimmo6125 ,


I saw this app on the Today show boasting claims that it could assist for filing unemployment free of charge. When I attempted to use this service for this exact purpose I found out my state didn’t allow for paper submission and therefore my claim didn’t qualify. The next thing I know I was charged a $3 donation fee. Seems completely wrong to me and the worst part is there is no way to actually talk to someone. Strongly suggest do not download.

SOTSTuba ,


Signed up after seeing this on the Today Show. While I understood they would deduct 3.00 a month after I successfully used their service, they charged me the day after I downloaded. They make it incredibly hard to get to someone to cancel and get my bank charges stopped. My next step will be going to my credit union and have them stop all payments from this company. ,

Good and bad

I used this app years ago, saw on twitter and needed help forgot what issue i had but noticed on my bank acct a minor charge where i had to google search the charge followed back to this app, dont know how many times i was charged but kinda annoyed me

eliwaeterling ,

They’ll Charge You Monthly for Nothing

🚫 This app did absolutely nothing for me in two cases. The disputes just sat there for two months with zero resolution. Total I was charged $6 for nothing, and trying to cancel the subscription through the AI chat is a nightmare. As far as I’m concerned this app is a scam. And no, $6 isn’t a lot of money but it’s enough to write a one star review over. Thanks for nothing DoNotPay - DoNotCharge my card ever again. And DoNotDownload this app.

bettercall007 ,

You know what happened when it is Too Good To Be True, right?

The developer is not honest. He is hungry for 3 dollars that he could obtain through a commission for recovered money if what he offers really works. His decision to offer a cloudy service in which he asks for your bank accounts and phone first leaves much to be desired. He seems to be another scammer. If his app really works he should change how he's doing things so far.

lottareviews xl ,


So I signed up because of the fake credit card they have, well I never even got to use it, you have to enter your card number to sign up, and I couldn’t figure out a way to take the card off there. So I was under the impression they don’t charge your card unless you use their service, I was wrong a $10 charge on my card later! Defeated the whole purpose of the fake card

Ducklamp ,

SCAM - Should be called DO NOT DOWNLOAD

This is an automated/AI app that doesn’t allow for humans to have different issues then what is presented from the short list of options. You cannot talk to a human or get in touch with a human. I cancelled my subscription and it continues to charge me and there is no one to contact about it. I cannot delete my card from the app so it says my account is cancelled and just continues charging. Be careful using this SCAM!

MiamiBoater ,


They advertise that you will only be charged if you use the app, save money from the app or use it’s services. It is a 100% criminal fraudulent lie! Do not give them your credit card or banking information. They will deduct $3 per month no matter what. I was charge fraudulently $3 (not a huge number) but 100% fraudulent. This app is a total scam. Do not download the App or give your credit card or banking information to these criminals.

Kbrown734 ,


Don’t waste your time, you have to link a card IMMEDIATELY after downloading and they don’t tell you they charge you IMMEDIATELY after you do it, unless you read through the fine print. Working on getting the charge reversed with my bank, because the app makes it impossible to delete your account. Not sure why Apple allows this scummy app on their platform.

maramd1218 ,

Rip off!

How is this reasonable? I sign up for a service for $3/mo that only works if I pay the full year upfront? Says I can easily change details later or delete my account but then there is no way to cancel. I haven’t even used it an hour and want a cancelation and refund and this doesn't allow me to wipe the account! How beyond frustrating. What were all these great news reviews thinking?!

Developer Response ,

Hi there, you can reach us at [email protected] We're standing by to help however we can.

Fergusonsamuel ,

Why do you NEED my banking info

This app just screams “Im stealing your identity” Why on earth would anyone give you their banking info if the reason they download your app is because they are worried about identity theft? All the 4-5 star reviews appear fake to me. This app is a great idea but poorly executed. You should not ask for banking info unless I’m making a purchase. Read these reviews and make the changes your target audience is demanding.

Tinfoilparachute ,

Feels like a scam

The service is useless. I have been paying a monthly subscription fee for several months without really using it. Now when I tried to use it, the app dutifully collected all info for my dispute and assured me of near certain success, and then it told me that to proceed with a dispute I have to SUBSCRIBE? even though I have already been a subscriber for several months. That really leaves bad taste.

betatester dnp ,

Big banks dont take little banks aka consumers

I was one of the beta testers for this app and it actually worked. I had some doubts initially, but i was able to get back $150 in fees when i linked my wells fargo account.

thumbs down 2.0 ,

I have an unresolved dispute with Do Not Pay

I canceled my subscription with DO NOT PAY over a month ago and they continue to charge my credit card. When I go on the app to contact customer service it says “something went wrong”. There’s no number to call them. I guess I’ll have to get a new card. Needless to say, I’m not very happy with this app. Customers beware of using this service! I’d give it a BIG FAT ZERO!

Future D. ,

Nightmare Subscription

This app will not allow me to remove my payment information and continues to charge me even though I have requested to cancel multiple times. It has been a nightmare for me as I lived paycheck to paycheck with almost no balance in my account, and now I am unemployed due to COVID-19. So it just continues to drain my account. Extremely dissatisfied with this service. I wish I could use it to sue itself.

Developer Response ,

Hi there,

Please email us at [email protected] - we will respond within 24 hours and make it right for you.

Best wishes

DoNotPay Support

studeggle ,

Scam app

Scam app that rights fake articles and hires fake reviews. They will slowly collect more and more of your details to use against you and start charging you monthly for nothing. Don’t walk away, run, run away as fast as you can.

Once you leave they will harass you every couple months hoping to con you back into paying a monthly fee for empty promises. Apple really does need to shut down these scam artists.

chlowinchester ,

$36 subscription fee to even look at their services

Charged me $36 just to see what services are offered. After several days, none of my “disputes” had been completed. You can do anything on this app faster on your own. Also, once you attach your credit card, you cannot disconnect it! They just have your card information forever!

zz user ,

Ironic name for a scam of an app

The disclaimer for the $3 monthly subscription charge says it applies only after using their service successfully, when in fact the moment you click consent to the disclaimer, you’re charged $3

Customer service says they are working on correcting the disclaimer, but the charge still stand even when I never used the app to file any case.

It’s ironic to be scammed by an app with a name donotpay

Ben Airey ,

Not today satan

Avoid ripoffs, send $3 a month to DONOTPAY........

App is free. Yet it needs bank info “so you can get paid”, which leads to a “we need to keep the lights on” page to sign up to pay $3 a month for the app. Should you not to sign up, there is no back button, no delete my information, no contact info, nothing. So it was deleted.

Sadly this “Ripoff Defender” is a disguised rip-off offender.

Come on Apple, you let this slip though?

The Mental ,

Poor customer service

App states they won’t charge you the monthly fee unless you use one of their services. I have not used a single service and still got charged. In their terms it’s says you can cancel their service if you email them directly. I have done so twice (each a week apart) and still have not gotten a response. Shame on Today show for promoting this app.

Nishaneek ,

Reward points

When you go in to use the reward points to book a flight or even the hotel reservations it doesn’t work. It keeps on saying refresh i don’t know how many times I refresh the app. What’s going on am I not allowed to use the reward points

bowganglexi ,


Sounds like others have been running into issues but my experience with the app has been pretty smooth. 5 stars! Staying on for more.

9007 ,

Very efficient right out the gate!

Already an action based app with other services I will be using! Something good to learn about during the nation wide pandemic.

Thanks for this gem!

jakestobnicki ,


This app is such a scam, they take money from their users just for signing up. I wanted to sign up just so I could see my options for fighting a parking ticket. I was charged for that month, and didn’t realize until I was charged for a second month. They also don’t let you remove your payment method from your account, that alone should be a warning sign. STAY AWAY FROM DO NOT PAY!!!

Developer Response ,

Hi jakestobnicki, please email us at [email protected] and cite this review. We can explain your options with the Parking Tickets product in further detail and help you with any account related concerns.

TinyToyRobots ,

Claim process randomly starts over

I was in the middle of the claim and switched to my phone app to pull up a contact phone number and when I return to the do not pay up (I never quit it) it made me start the whole process over again

Developer Response ,

Hi TinyToyRobots, thank you for the feedback. We'll consider this to make the experience much smoother! If you have anything else to add, we're always happy to listen to our users! Email us at [email protected] at any time!

HazelDomain ,

Somehow- more spam

Downloaded this app, it immediately asked for my phone number to verify. Makes sense- except that then it immediately asks for bank details. I couldn’t proceed without entering them, so I deleted the app. An hour later, I’m getting spam sales texts from them, urging me to enter my banking information. No way to opt out of those. Hopefully blocking their number will prevent more texts.

Stmpngrnd ,

Impossible to delete from within the app

App is a joke all they want is your info. Impossible to get any straight forward answers using the AI driven chat. Impossible to delete as well now I have to change my bank access noway I want this company having that info. Dug through their terms of service and found a customer support email to demand all my info be deleted.

Mattk7979 ,

$3 rest of your life, if you want it or not

So I’ve tried and tried and tried to cancel my membership, I changed my phone number, however that doesn’t matter. I’m charged every month for this stupid app I NEVER USE! NOT ONCE! Talk to someone for app support?? Hahaha! Riiiiight. That’s impossible. There is absolutely NO WAY to contact anyone. It’s flat out a scam. They will collect $3 for the rest of your life apparently

True Facts. ,

Charged me for nothing. WASTE OF TIME.

I was charged for nothing. It’s only 3$ but that’s their scam. They scam people out of 3’re probably thinking it’s only 3$. You’re right. To one person. What about the thousands that they’ve stolen from? They say I used a service but I in fact did not and have not received an email with anything from them. This service was promoted by Fox News and is a hardcore scam. Goodbye.

jdjdijs ,

This is a scam

They charged me $36 without telling me it was going to charge me at all! It asked for my bank info which I suppose I shouldn’t have given without more research as to WHY they needed it, but upon just linking my account, I was charged. Nowhere did they say I would be charged nor was I given a dollar amount. I am a college student with no money! This has been extremely upsetting.

Rugg - Boston ,

The very beast they promise to combat

This never worked for me.... and I thought I cancelled it 9 months ago. The free trial card simply didn’t work when I went to use it

I cancelled, the charges kept coming, I disputed with my CC, they stopped... and I just noticed them again. Re-download the app and cancelled again.

Useless and became the exact thing that you try and avoid by using the tool

PaytoRead ,

Fraudulent application - steals your money and keeps charging your account

The app does not mention that it charges you $3.00 a month. Even after you contact customer suppprt, no one refunds you and their customer support in the app simply closes the conversation when you ask for a refund. I had to have my bank block the transaction and refund me. Apple should ban this app for stealing money

cecfy ,

Tried to download - unsuccessfully!

It never went past confirmation # page and then BLOCKED me for being a “suspicious” number! 😡Maybe don’t do a piece on Today show if don’t have enough bandwidth to accept new users.

rosnag02 ,


This app is the future of keeping the government honest. The chat interface is one of the most revolutionary advancements I have ever seen. They solved my issue and sent the letter for me real fast too. Totally worth it!!!!

Shutz48 ,

How do I quit being charged for this app??

I downloaded this app to help me get unemployment. They did nothing to help me. Nothing. Just kept showing working in it for six weeks. I finally got through to unemployment myself and have deleted this app. It’s still charging me 3 dollars a month. I want the charges stopped. How can I reach someone to get them to stop charging my credit card???

terbeest ,

ironically bad customer service!

It’s ironic that an app designed to fight bad corporations actually makes it hard to cancel their own service. You can’t unsubscribe directly on the app or on apple. This should be against apple’s TOS. The ask you to unsubscribe via email. I even tried using donotpay to cancel donotpay... unresponsive, go figure. I’ll mark it up as a malicious charge and ask bank to fight charges

EddyLee123 ,

Do Not Sign Up for the “Free” Trial!!

As you can probably read online, these guys start charging you $3 immediately and don’t give you a “free trial”. Their customer service is incredibly buggy so took me 1 hour to even cancel the subscription that I never even signed up to pay for (since I didn’t even use any of their services). Can’t believe they’re allowed to operate with these scams....

mma matt88 ,

Scam! Do not download!

I saw an add for this app and decided to download and I regret it immediately. I attract one of my cards and now it started to randomly charge my account multiple times in middle of the night and also won’t give me the option to remove my card and I haven’t used any of the features. Also couldn’t get a hold of anyone in customer service as well

amyphan ,


Similar to what’s written in other reviews, the app requires a bank account to sign up and states you won’t be charged until you’ve successfully used their services. This is a lie. My bank account was charged immediately. I have two pending items from 5 days ago that have gone nowhere (but the app stated I would get results in 24-48 hours). Do not fall for this scam.

Waste Your Vote ,

App doesnt let you access without banking info

Not a scam (I’ve heard good things) but overall poor experience from the start. Why would I sign up for something called DoNotPay if literally the first thing it asks me to do is pay? Asks for banking info & doesn’t let you do a free trial through the app. Bad business & won’t make the mistake of downloading again

Tett slime ,


An absolute scam and this page is filled with fake reviews. They DO charge you the second you use a single feature, and they DONT let you cancel your subscription except within a 5 day window a year from when you request cancellation (what the hell?!) I had to cancel my card but not until after these thieves stole $10 in monthly fees.

Want to not pay? DoNotDownload

made me put a name ,


This app had seemed like a great idea at first. And time went on they started charging $3 a month. Also, upon signing up, I am now being charged on my credit card for never having even agreed to paying anything. I never agreed to a privacy policy or terms of conditions and have no idea how to get my money back since this app is as vague as possible. Apps this vague and pretty should scare you.

Abraham Apellanes ,

Great app!

Helped me cancel the Equinox gym membership I was dissatisfied with three months early. Saved me $100+ in parking fines in just the past two weeks. Anyone who owns a car in San Francisco or another city must cop this app.

miniplantdog ,

Thank you

The free trial card & waiting on hold for me has really been useful – saves me money & time on a regular basis. Got my whole family to download the app 👍

вill ,

Don’t get scammed!

Sadly this app is too good to be true. No matter how much information you gather from the spam callers, you’ll never get a dime from them. After several attempts to collect on these callers, I canceled my subscription and deleted this app. The only thing this app did for me was take money monthly out of my account. Don’t get scammed trying to protect yourself from spam calls!

Not FiOS ,

Cards not working anymore...

When I first used this, it was amazing! But now I have been sitting for hours try to get a card that works. The cards are either expired or have insufficient funds. This app does have other services that some might find useful, but for free trials, you might have to look elsewhere...

andrewzip ,

Wow. Impressed.

Just signed up and am already really blown away by the product vision and customer service. The temporary CC alone is incredible. Highly recommend this app!

Developer Response ,

Hey! Glad to hear you're enjoying the app. We work hard to personally handle issues that our users bring to [email protected] and it's certainly worth the effort when we can improve the DoNotPay experience for someone so thanks again :)

BringOutTheSnakes ,

Horrible app

Signed up for all the birthday gifts and took weeks for them only to say I got one crummy American Eagle 15% off coupon! In addition, I was in the midst of reporting a robo call and app shutdown. Every time I try to go back to continue with providing details, I hit ‘send’ in the app, my response disappears or it repeats questions I already answered! Yes I am on the latest version & restarted app several times.

Akkjjj146(;)7 ,

Charged 4x w nothing to show

They say they don’t bill you until they serve you, but I’ve been charged 4x in a single day and the form that the AI/robot created for a single issue is not usable. It took a lot of digging to figure out how to cancel, but I don’t trust this “helper” app at all. In fact, it seems like it will be causing me a lot of headache that I didn’t have before trying it. Beware!!!

Camila2901 ,

Bad service: need customer service

So, I downloaded this app with very high hopes for it, but it charged me money without my permission, I’ve tried to remove my card information but it will not allow that. Also, I’ve tried contacting customer support, and have gotten no response. I would like to get a redound, because that transaction was not authorized. Do not recommend it!

ejackson1075 ,

They charge but nothing works

The company I'd like to use this service on is do not pay itself. They charge you from when you first set it up even though they claim you won't be charged until you use a service. Them when you try to use a service, everything is extra or simply doesn't work at all.

Developer Response ,

Hi there, we welcome you to email us at [email protected] if you are experiencing technical trouble while using one of our products. We'll be with you promptly to help sort out any issues!

ntc479 ,

Total Hoax

Do not download this app unless you are willing to not only give away all of your info, but to pay a yearly subscription of $39. Totally misleading app that wastes your time until you actually get to the end of the process. Save your time and go somewhere else.

Also, even after cancelling your subscription, they hold your card on file. Super sketchy.

Developer Response ,

Hi ntc479! We take great care in handling matters of privacy. If you have any concerns, please email us at [email protected] If you tell us what we can do to help, we'll be vigilant in resolving it.


Rewarding and easy to use!

This app saves you time and money and it’s as easy as placing a virtual food order. Highly recommend!

Developer Response ,

We're pleased to hear you are enjoying the app! If you have any feedback for us based on your experience thus far, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

JeffSvei ,

Not impressed

Seems like the app still needs work. It can’t find my recurring subscriptions in my accounts. I’ve had issues out over a week that are unresolved (it said to check back in 48 hours... maybe they meant 480 hours?).

I think it has potential but it isn’t there yet.

cjfun1 ,

Chime Bank says their secure too!!

I recently got this app and upon asking for login for my accounts, I quickly deleted. Chime Bank which is supposed to be federally secured just stole 529. from my account and refuses to give it back, said there was no mistake that they let 2 different people which they know the names of steal my money. Don’t trust them with your info!!! You will regret it.

4sandybeaches ,

Being Charged And No Way To Cancel

I saw this app on the Today show. It was advertised as free. I downloaded it for help with filing unemployment. I was charged $3 and was going to be charged $3 a month after that. That is not explained up front. And now there’s no way to cancel my subscription. So I’m being charged for something I never used and can’t cancel. Very disappointed. Beware.

LittleLunaMoons ,


I signed up and out my number in and whole I reviewed the app, I found out it wasn’t what I was looking for so I deleted it. They messaged my number for sign up stuff, but I’ve received 18 messages in only a few minutes asking me to sign up and stuff. My phone is being blown up and it’s annoying.

rocklobster83 ,

Don’t waste your time.

I read about the app in an article and it said they give you a burner credit card supposedly to help you “fight the scammers”. I wouldn’t know because the article purposely left out is that it cost 3.00 a month and you can’t even get past the first screen without giving them your bank information or a credit.

goofsmile ,

The app isn’t ready for using

“Skip waiting on hold” feature doesn’t work at all.

“Trial card” feature doesn’t work at all.

I do not recommend this app as above mentioned services don’t work. But the app charged me for £3 subscription straight away. I wish developers cared about app services the same way as about charging customers subscription fee.

Daisyversion ,

Scam, scam, con artist

Classic con - they got famous with publicity about how they’re the modern Robin Hood (thanks Wired magazine). Then they go from free to a monthly fee. They do not tell you upfront, only after they get your credit card number. Even if you cancel immediately, that’s still $3 they won’t refund. The exact thievery they claim to fight. Sickening. (Joshua Browder, please don’t respond with your usual whining. You only sound more hypocritical).

james.t49 ,

Robocall Fighter Not Work

So the fake credit card feature is supposed to give you the company information of the billing entity when it is used. The fake credit card works as intended but does not give the company information, that or I just cannot locate the information on the app. Either way, the app isn’t living up to expectations.

K Dog Mom ,


The Donotpay app stole my money after I already deleted the app from my phone.

I downloaded the app, they said they would charge you as soon as you start benefiting from any of their services. I looked around and deleted the app, cautious not to use any of their services. I deleted the app, and two days later, they took money out of my bank account! Do not download.

sfmta fighter ,

Great app!

DoNotPay has saved me save hundreds of dollars from receiving inaccurate parking tickets. Not only have I disputed parking tickets with a DoNotPay, but I’ve also received great legal advice from the app as well!

Youngzeff ,

Game changer

This product saved me so much money! I used to always get scammed by the free trial sites but now I don’t have to worry about it anymore with donotpay! Sign up today!

Jay11223344 ,

Perhaps they should mention the $3/month charge

Installed this app because it looked interesting. Never got around to using any of the features, but noticed I was being charged $3/month. If they mentioned this ahead of time, I would not have signed up.

App also tries to trick you into not cancelling. “Confirm Cancelation” button is light gray and “Don’t cancel” is bright purple.

CooIcat ,

Very useful app

I’vs tried a couple of other apps with a similar purpose, but this is by far the best. Easy to use, highly helpful, and easy to navigate. ,

Give u my bank login? Never!

I read an article about this app that had great things to say. But after downloading it I was shocked to see it wanted my login credentials for my bank. Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t give that info to my mom!

I can see if it wanted a routing number and an account number, but there is no chance in hell I would hand over my login credentials.

Developer Response ,

We don't actually get your login credentials. You enter your credentials in order to connect your bank account with our app using Plaid, which is a service that allows us to do so securely. Hope that helps!

JRubi1 ,

I’m a fan

I love using this app, as a college student it is important to keep track of every dollar spent. With donotpay I was able to effectively deal with situations that include parking tickets.

Km92115 ,


Takes your bank account or cc info upon downloading the app. You cannot even see its functionality without paying. Then once you use it, it says it’s “working on your claims” which takes a month, so they bill you again. Then nothing comes out of it. Not a single claim of mine was resolved. Total waste of time and money.

Chadlaugh ,

Nothing works

Updated app. Submitted information. Went to have it review my subscriptions to save money and it just gives a grey wheel and stops. Nothing happens. Have to email them to remove account information which seems suspicious. Why not just let me remove my account information myself? Do not use DoNotPay

ttpopsikle ,

App dosn't work

App is not fully functional and customer support is terrible. My email service does work and customer hasn't helped or at the very least offered to refund my wasted money. Wouldn't recommend at this point until the developers fix the bugs and take into consideration the need for GOOD customer service.

Elaine'sIceCream ,

Worse than useless—actually fraudulent

Watch out for the slick fraudsters behind this app! They have another app in the Apple Store and are now scamming by promising “Coronavirus assistance.” Weeks after I downloaded Do Not Pay, they stole 12x the monthly fee I agreed to, failed to execute promised functions, offered no customer recourse, and, I notice, have racked up 80+% BAD/one-star reviews on TrustPilot. Fool me once, etc.

Stacy Dean ,


The process was easy but DNP could not assist with unemployment because you do not serve Texas! Why???

I’ll try your app for other issues that may come up.

joshiscool02 ,

Absolute trash and Scammers

I wanted to terminate my account and there is no option for that and the only way to get in contact is through email and I’m being ignored and now I’m being charged for something I didn’t even wanna use nor ever did use so I advise y’all to terminate my account and lose my information before I file for fraud against y’all

FilmDoctor ,

Please refund fee for purchase I did not make.

Hi. While exploring the app for the first time I tapped one of the options to see what it was like. But, I never went further and never completed the process. Yet I was still charged the $3. Please refund this and cancel my membership.

Also. One should not have to interact with DoNotPay’s customer service through the AppStore review system.

tzozmum ,

Do not use

Everything is an upsell in this app. I signed up for the $36 subscription, but it has been useless. Asked for a refund and was denied because I'd already signed up and used the app. Beware of the robo revenge generated letters as i have been advised they are worded incorrectly and could leave you open to litigation yourself. Save your money. This service is not worth it.

xChasity ,

Can’t end subscription

Asks for a $3 monthly subscription that you ‘can end at any time’. I found out this app can’t actually help me so I want to end the subscription and remove it but when I talk to the bot that’s supposed to end it for you it says it needs more time and I’m just left there refreshing. Gotta call my bank now to block it.

coolpre ,


Saw this site in the today show today. Thought I would give it a try. I trust the site since it was on the today show.

Apostolakis ,

Paid Subscription

The app is misleading and you will be charged immediately after entering bank account or Credit card. They claim they are transparent and only charge if they save you money or use a service, I guess logging in qualifies as using the service. It’s ironic that an app to stop unwanted subscriptions does this. How does this app have a 4.3 rating?

Developer Response ,

Hi there,

We are sorry to hear that you do not want to pay to use out services. We are very transparent about the payment during the signup process and in media interviews that it costs $3 to use some of our services. In exchange for few bucks, we have a team that builds and operates the app 24/7, have committed to never sell or share user data and have no advertisements whatsoever.

DoNotPay has such a high rating (with thousands of 5 star reviews) because a lot of people do not mind paying. We understand that even at this low price point, it may not be accessible or desired by everyone.

Some popular finance apps are free. However, if you are not paying for the product, you are the product. We would rather have a direct relationship with our customers.

Please email [email protected] with your concerns and we will work to make it right in your case.

Bamafan1412 ,

Technology that serves the people

This is the first application I’ve ever used that uses technology to put the power back in the hands of the user. Brilliant!!

RoCk$t*r ,

Money Saver!

Not everything works for everybody, so I was a bit skeptical, but one of the biggest things I struggle to keep track of is canceling free trials. So excited to keep saving money with DNP!

RoSwayze ,


Needed a few fixes at first, but after the update I really like this app, very innovative and creative. I have it readily accessible whenever I need it now!

eddyspagghetty ,

Amazing app

I’ve gotten 2 parking tickets and this app has saved me around $80 in total! I would highly recommend this app.

Developer Response ,

That's amazing to hear! Glad to know we could help :) Thanks for sharing!

Long time vampire addict ,

Keeps charging me

I downloaded this app because it was said on the news that it would send in an unemployment application for me during COVID-19. The app said that my state doesn’t accept paper applications so they couldn’t do anything for me at this point. So even though I haven’t used any of their services, I keep getting charged $3 every month.

St. Quackers ,

This app is horrible and will steal your money

This app does exactly what it says it’s out to protect you from. I signed up, didn’t use any of their services but they still took my money. I submitted an inquiry immediately, assuming there must have been a mistake and literally no one got back to me. I tried following up but got the same result. It’s been months. DO NOT USE THIS APP.

LeoH114 ,

Says card not activated

Over 48 hours ago I signed up and was charged the 3 dollars but card was never activated to use in Robocalls. I have reached out to Josh about it twice with no response. If I don’t get the card activated soon I will leave my comments with Fox News where I first watched the video on this. I’m happy to rate much higher but the card provided on app does not wot.

Developer Response ,

Hi there,

Please email [email protected] referencing this review in the subject. We are confused as to the problem you are having. I’m very sorry about the poor experience and we will make it right.

Thank you,

DoNotPay Team

Aswnbk ,


I downloaded the app looking forward to use it but I have been getting an error message that the Authentication number they send me doesn’t work. After a few times and multiple codes they have sent me I get locked out. It’s happened 3 days in a row and there isn’t even a clear way to contact them. So I can’t recommend it.

GrandpaRage ,

Avoid This App

I downloaded the app and linked my account just to see how it would work and it immediately emptied my savings account! I had to call my bank to put a stop on it! Avoid at all costs! I don’t know if it’s a scam or the supposed robot technology is just that primitive, but either way don’t even attempt to download this app!

Developer Response ,

Hi, please send us an email at [email protected] We would be happy to help you out with these issues in anyway we can. We hope to hear from you soon!

HerSiliconSoul ,

Reset itself and now I can't see my account. This app is bogus.

App started resetting on open. Can no longer see my attempt to cancel my gym membership. Signed back in and it doesn't show it even though it has all my personal information saved if I go under account. No idea if it'll charge me or not for the gym cancel.

Developer Response ,

Hi HerSiliconSoul, we would be happy to take a closer look at your account as well the gym-cancellation dispute you submitted. Please email us at [email protected]m and we'll get back to you shortly!

joelconley ,

Do Not download (pay)

-Auto charged my credit card, even before the app “helped” me

- I signed up for a service and it didn’t forward any of my verification codes to my actual email address, so I have no way of using the service.

-No place I saw in app to cancel 3 mandatory tip

- I will update if my issues get resolved, but currently it seems pretty scamy

Developer Response ,

Hi there,

We have just updated the app (1.7.3) to address your issues. In addition, please email us at [email protected] and we will make it right. I am deeply sorry for your poor experience.

Thank you so much

DoNotPay Team

peacegirl97 ,

Super useful

I kept noticing Uber charges being higher than the quoted rate and wanted to find a way to get refunds. Grateful that this app was able to seamlessly get refunds for me.

Cskar209 ,


I went on a vacation and was having a really bad time and this app really saved my trip... I highly recommend it.

brokenendgeinc ,

Man long time needed

Man I realy hope u guys wrk I haven’t had any help in 17 yrs so I’d be the first I keep sayen that but no ones been able to help so hopefully u realy are the first

Yo mammmmmmmmmmA ,

Total scam

DONT USE THIS APP!! This app continues to charge you $3 even if you cancelled your subscription and they don’t send an email invoice so when you get charged you’re scratching your head wondering where the charge is from. Deceptive tactics. Had to call my bank who told me the only way to get them to stop is close my bank account!

Luchanaivey ,


They took all my money from my account and overdraft my account now I’m going to have to talk to a lawyer to look further into this so called helpful app they are nothing but scammers and the good reviews are probably the scammers who made this app... please everyone do not download this app and do not fall for their tricks they will drain your money from your account DO NOT FALL FOR IT

njdesignstx ,

Can’t download

Have been trying to download for 30 minutes. Now the app has blocked me! Can’t download!

aysilS ,

Terrible!!! DON’T DOWNLOAD

This app keeps charging my credit card without me even using their services! There is no way to end the subscription or reach them for customer service. Now I am being charged every month with no way of stopping it without contacting my bank.

This is a terrible app, don’t use it!! Such a disappointment.

Allicass ,

Great App!

I haven’t used this to it’s full capacity of yet until tidbit ifvthis really works I’ll be screaming from the mountain top hat this is worth you time, commitment and efforts!

TimothyG91 ,

Not a way to bypass the website

Tried to sign up on their website but they wouldn’t accept my virtual credit card. Hoped I could come here and use Apple Pay, but can’t even sign up without entering a phone number. I’m trying to use this service for privacy, but they don’t want to allow me my privacy.

Developer Response ,

Hi there! While we do not accept pre-paid cards, we do accept Apple Pay. We allow sign-up and two-factor authenticated login via phone or email for security. We respect user privacy and take the utmost care to prioritize it. If you have any specific concerns, we would be happy to address them if you email us at [email protected]!

RebeccaJasmine ,

Huge SCAM!

We saw this on the TODAY show, downloaded and just took a peek at what it could do. It forces you to put in a credit card to even see what it can do. It reassures you that it will not charge you unless you use the app, which is a HUGE lie! Don’t do it! I have had to dispute charge after charge and I’m so mad I even looked at this in the first place! UGH!

Benptt ,

Charged for nothing

I had an issue with a company who wouldn't response to my complaints. Donotpay charged me and claimed to resolved the issue, starting "I've transferred you too the appropriate customer sales representative." They didn't transfer me to anyone, and nobody contacted me. I've tried to reach out to donotpay, but they are harder to get ahold of than the first company.

Just want q mamanagement ,

Needs credit card or banking information

First screen wants credit card or banking information with no useful explanation - and no path to help or further information. Free trial virtual card is a great idea but I don’t know why they need my credit card information before they even explain how the service works

Lacobus Ezel ,


They “provide” services that with minimal effort you can do yourself. Therefore, there is nothing they can do that you can’t do yourself.

Nimonster ,

Cannot remove bank account

There exists no way to delete your account or even just unlink your bank account. If you delete the app, the bank account stays connected. I don’t care if they are using plaid which makes it a little more secure. I want to delete my account including the linked bank account.

112gin ,


This app is a straight scam. They don’t deliver what they say they will so you’ll get “points” but you cannot redeem these “points” when you cancel. I cancelled, didn’t receive anything, and still got charged the $3. No option to remove your bank account information. I don’t trust this site and neither should you. Reporting to the FCC.

maddy7715 ,


I never write reviews but I needed to for this one. It is a complete scam. It says you will only be charged if you use one of their services but that is not true, they will charge you no matter what. It’s impossible to talk to someone so you’re better off calling your bank. The robots don’t help and the app just wants your information.

Ggg-VA ,

A Fraud - no response, took my money

I downloaded the app but didn’t try any services Yet same day it charged me $3 as if I had. I submitted 5 different requests via the app to fix and refund but no response to any. Promised reply in 2 days and weeks later, nothing. I did try a dozen times but app kept giving error when I submitted.

As I said, fraud.

Eric Disappointed ,

The irony

1. I was never aware that the app charges $3

2. As soon as I click my bank information to take it off the app closes! This is obviously made by design and I cannot believe that the developers would do something like this when they market themselves as A) free and B) helping people win legal disrupts through understanding regulatory details.

Developer Response ,

Hi Eric,

We are deeply sorry for the poor experience. An update has just been released to address the two issues (1.7.3). Please update your app. If you are still having trouble, email [email protected] and we will make it right.

Thank you

DoNotPay Team

Cocchini_Corp ,

Epic Developer!

The app wouldn’t work for me at first. Chats were freezing. Server errors, etc.

I emailed the dev and they fixed it immediately. Now everything works and it’s EEEEPPPPPPIIIICCCC!

Developer Response ,

Can you please email [email protected] referencing this review? We want to look into this further

Desirealchemist ,

Can’t get past step 1

Was very excited to try this app following a article in Motherboard. Unfortunately, similar to previous reviewer, can’t get past registration page. ‘We blocked all request from this device due to unusual activity. Try again later’ Great intentions but it seems the app needs a lot more development.

Crazy JBaus ,

Unsubscribe doesn’t work

App states that charges begin when you use their service for the first time. I stupidly set up my bank account first, but decided not to use the app. I found a charge in January on my bank account. I used their chat bit to unsubscribe and demand a refund with no response. Next month I found another charge. BEWARE!

Zane74362829 ,


I was excited to use the card number for trials but as soon as I opened the app it required me to given them my card number or banking information. That’s ironic considering this app has a feature that generates a fake card number for trials. I have no idea why they need my card number to access a fake card.

Cabsrhere ,


Really amazing. Huge flaw with customer service issues though. It’s asks follow up questions without saying which complaint they are referring to!

ohgenic ,


I didn’t believe the app at first but once I started putting more and more in I started getting money back ! Reply great app for saving

BadRobotsandCoffee ,

Exceeds expectations

This is one of the most useful if not the most useful app ever! They’re seeking many ways to help the ordinary person.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for your kind review, BadRobotsandCoffee!

Karmellamarie ,

Very helpful easy & quick

Easier than I thought!

richard12368 ,

Ironic how you can avoid paying others but not DoNotPay

Isn’t it ironic that DoNotPay helps you avoid paying subscriptions to other companies, but doesn’t even let you delete your own bank details and steals $3 sneakily from you until you cancel the subscription?

“DoNotPay for everyone else, except for us”

Developer Response ,

Hi there! We're sorry to hear of your impressions. If we can help in any way, please get in touch with our support team ([email protected]). We'd be happy to help manage, update, or clear any of your personal information if you would like us to. We'd like nothing m