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“Dumb” Solpunks are the most sought-after intergalactic warriors in the universe.

After learning a charlatan was peddling fake SolPunks, charging 5% royalty fees, trying to trademark their name, they knew they had to return to Earth to destroy them.

Price Targets:

Currently on Solanart, Fake SolPunks are selling for

8 SOL to 3500 SOL (~$1000 to $490k)Β 

Since the fakes are completely disgusting, we expect our authentic SolPunks to be worth 10x more each.

Expected Returns

Worst Case Scenario: $100 β†’ $10,000 (+10k%)

Base Case Scenario: $100 β†’ $1M (+1M%)

Best Case Scenario: $100 β†’ $49M (+49M%)

Probability of going tits up: 0%


More “parodies” coming VERY soon.

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How do we do it? Read our backstory. βš“

The funniest way to turnΒ  your $100 to $1 million. ⛴️ 🚒

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Origin Story Β πŸ‘‡

Avg reading time: 42.069 secs

(Only 90s kids will remember rage comics.)


It all started with a key insight…

Fuck I hate being broke 😭.

But so does everybody. Hmm…Β  πŸ€”

Then one day, Satire decided to browse NFTs on Solana…



These are exactlyΒ the same as Cryptopunks…

How do they get away with it though?Β 


I see.

It’s because they call themselves a “parody”.

Well, there’s no way they’re making that much money…

*3500 SOL ~= $560,000

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